Pastor Gives His Pug A Proper Send Off At Emotional Funeral

People often overlook pet deaths. But anyone who has lost a dog knows that it’s one of the hardest things to experience. So, pastor Tim Beville Jr. from Pennsylvania decided to show the world that pet loss shouldn’t be taken lightly.

He created the biggest, most beautiful funeral for his late Pug named Dexter. It included an open casket, an assortment of flowers, and an obituary. To Beville’s surprise, people all over the world were moved by it. He knew it was everything Dexter would’ve wanted.

Remembering Dexter
Image: Tim Beville Jr. Facebook

A Life Worth Remembering

Dexter had been with Beville since he was only nine weeks old. He lived with two other canine siblings: Mason and Daisy. Poor Dexter only lived to be seven years old, passing away due to an undisclosed illness. Dexter brought so much joy to his humans over the years, so Beville knew the pup needed a proper send-off.

“From the moment he came home, he slept every night next to me until he got sick in February and for the first time in his life he spent 4 days in the hospital,” wrote Beville. “When he came [home] after that he never left my side again.”

Pug Funeral Service
Image: Tim Beville Jr. Facebook

Beville is the pastor of a temple and the president of a funeral home. So, he worked hard to create the perfect funeral for the pup. He decorated the funeral home with flowers and photos of Dexter. He also had a table for guests to sign in and grab a program. He even had an open casket for Dexter during the event, who wore a beautiful blue bowtie and blanket. Beville explained that blue was Dexter’s favorite color.

It’s unclear how many people attended the in-person ceremony, but Beville later posted about it online. To his surprise, thousands of people liked and shared his post. Soon, people all over the world were reaching out with their condolences.

Pug Open Casket
Image: Tim Beville Jr. Facebook

Rest in Peace, Dexter

Dexter’s funeral soon went viral. People began sending positive messages to Beville and the church. Many people even sent heartwarming memorial gifts to Beville. Beville couldn’t believe that his sweet Pug’s story had become so popular.

“I think it caught on because so much ugly stuff is being portrayed, for a moment you take a moment to smile. Smile and cry at the same time,” said Beville.

Dexter Beville Funeral
Image: Tim Beville Jr. Facebook

A private cremation at a pet cemetery was held after Dexter’s funeral. But thanks to the outpouring of support from fellow dog lovers, Dexter’s memories will live on forever.

“We still miss him. This is a void in this house. Knowing Dexter is able to live on and make people smile and for those he’s never met helps in the process,” said Beville.

Rest in Peace Dexter
Image: Tim Beville Jr. Facebook

Dexter sure was a lucky dog. He was surrounded by humans who loved him, and now, the whole world has fallen in love with him too. There is no bond like the one between a human and their furry friend. And it’s heartwarming to see that so many dog lovers understand that.

Featured Image: Tim Beville Jr. Facebook

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