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Pit Bull Survives Attack By Family Of Bears In South Florida

While South Florida has its fair share of dangerous wildlife including alligators and venomous snakes, bears aren’t the first threat that come to mind. Bear sightings in Broward County, Florida are rare, but that didn’t stop a three-year-old pit bull named Mary Jane from being attacked by a mother bear and her two cubs.

Mary Jane was walking with her owner at the Big Cypress Indian Reservation of the Seminole Tribe this past Friday. It was 9 p.m., and Mary Jane took off running. She encountered a bear cub in the woods, but when mama bear showed up, the situation got serious. Mary Jane was presumably defending her owner’s daughter when the big bear attacked.

The woodland family was driven off, but Mary Jane was left hurt and bleeding. A representative from Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists said Mary Jane has deep puncture wounds covering most of her body. There is air in her chest cavity caused by trauma, and veterinarians are worried about the threat of infection. They’re administering fluids and pain medication to bring Mary Jane through her ordeal.

The blue-nose pit bull is weak and in pain, but Dr. Ashley Villatoro from LVS told WPTV News that she’s optimistic the dog will recover. Mary Jane is expected to survive her encounter with three bears, and local officials hope her story serves as a warning to other South Florida residents and visitors. It’s important to always be aware of potential threats—no matter how unlikely—and keep pets close when out on walks.

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Written by Amber King
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