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Prevent An Accident: Know The Potential Danger Of Marrow Bones For Dogs

If you’re a pup parent, you may already know that different types of bones can pose a threat to your pooch. Chunks of rawhide can get stuck in their throat, and leftover meat bones are never recommended, as they can splinter when chewed. But did you know that marrow bones, with their tough exteriors and soft insides, can also be dangerous?

The round bones are hard to chew through but dogs indulging in the marrow like to scrape every morsel out of the hollow. This is how they can get it stuck around the lower jaw, with the bone wedged behind the front teeth. Then when the pup’s lips start to swell, it’s really difficult to get it off.

Image Source: Screen Shot via City News


Luckily, these accidents don’t usually interfere with a dog’s ability to breathe, but it can certainly send them into a panic! Often, they have to be sedated for the bone to be sawed off, freeing the pup but leaving the owner with a pricey veterinary bill.

Watch a news story on one puppy who was freed from a marrow bone:

While this may seem like a freak accident, it turns out that vets see these types of injuries pretty often. If you’re concerned about the safety of your dog, it may be best to refrain from giving them bones altogether.

But, there are safer options out there! Consider offering your canine digestible bully sticks or dental chews to keep them happy and occupied. With a little precaution, accidents and unexpected vet bills can be avoided!

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Written by Karen Tietjen

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