Puppy Steps In To Save The Day When His Human Fears For Her Life


Hercules may only be 10 months old, but the 110-pound Rottweiler certainly knows how to protect his human!

When Catalina Humphrey was walking her pup down a popular jogging trail, in daylight, she was approached by a man from behind. The suspect only had time to grab her by the shoulder when Hercules sprang into action and turned on him, biting him again and again.

Watch a clip on this amazing story below:

Thanks to the heroic Hercules, Humphrey was saved from an attack. The suspect, however, can’t say the same!

Police are still searching for the man, with KHOU reporting, “He’s described as a clean-shaven black male in his 20’s. He is believed to be about 5-foot-10 and weighs approximately 175 pounds. He was wearing black jogging pants, a red shirt and a black baseball hat,” authorities said.

We hope that this criminal is caught, and that he remembers Hercules’ sharp teeth before hurting anyone ever again!

Hercules, you’re a very good boy!

Written by Karen Tietjen

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