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Rescue Rebuild Comes Up With Genius Way To Stop Farm Visitors From Leaving Dogs In Cars


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“Rescue Rebuild logs thousands and thousands of miles a year to shelters all over the country and sometimes internationally. In doing so, we have come across a multitude of problems and situations that are affecting shelters and are able to assist them in fixing the problem.

Though not a shelter, Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana contacted Rescue Rebuild with a situation in hopes that we could help. Customers were visiting the farm to take tours of their facilities but leaving their pet inside their vehicle! Granted we all know that is a big ‘no-no,’ but what could Fair Oaks Farms do to stop this from occurring?

Sure they could have an employee walk the parking lot telling visitors not to leave their pets in their cars, but they wanted to educate them on why it’s not safe to do so. After multiple meetings and phone calls between Rescue Rebuild and Fair Oaks Farms, a plan developed. The solution? A dog park! Not just any dog park, though—a dog park that will also host educational classes. This way visitors who visit the park will also receive education on serious topics such as the dangers of leaving their pet in an unoccupied vehicle.

With a plan in place, it was time to get dirty. The tedious task of setting a ton of fence posts was tackled head-on by our very enthusiastic volunteers. Cold weather wasn’t a deterrent as they steadily set post after post. We laid over 1,000 linear feet of fence for this project! We also built new enrichment for the dogs’ enjoyment. New agility steps and numerous tire tunnels finish out the park.

After 11 days of intense, hard work, the park was ready for the public to use.

What a day! Now the public will not only have a dog park to let their dogs exercise but also a great educational resource at their disposal so they will learn about important topics relating to pet health and care.” – Rescue Rebuild Team

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Written by Adriana Sandoval
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