Science Reveals Wine Consumption Improves The Lives Of Shelter Dogs

Research continues to make incredible breakthroughs in medicine, and good news, everybody! Science has proven that drinking wine has an impressive number of amazing health benefits for people!

Wine may not be a miracle elixir, but it’s pretty close! Enjoying a glass or two is thought to help improve cognitive function, maintain heart health, and may even prevent diabetes and certain types of cancer! And all you have to do to begin reaping the benefits is reach out and take them by the glass!

Even better news? It’s now a known fact that humans drinking wine can now work wonders for shelter dogs! There appears to be a direct link between human wine consumption and a decrease in hunger in shelter dogs – WOW!

Scientists* have observed that when dog-loving humans order the Rescue Pack from Winc, shelters and rescues receive high-quality food to fill the bellies of their hungry pups!

Wondering how this works?

iHeartDogs has teamed up with Winc to offer the Rescue Pack! The talented sommeliers at Winc have chosen three wonderful wines: 2018 Più Gioia Pinot Grigio, 2017 Matchlock Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2017 Les Bobos Grenache. These bottles arrive at your door along with an “Every Dog Matters” magnet and two acrylic wine cups so that you can share the bounty with a friend!

When you order the Rescue Pack, a rescue or shelter will receive 25 meals for the dogs in their care!

Whether you want to gift it to a friend, share with family, or just treat yourself, dogs will see the benefit just because you chose to order your wine with Winc!

And it’s not just about full bellies. The benefits for shelter dogs go even farther.

  • Dogs who are fed are happier and more energetic. Playful pups are more likely to be adopted!
  • Shelters who receive food will be able to spend their funds on other things, like medical care and supplies.

Who knew wine paired so well with a love for shelter dogs?

Keep your glass full and help even more shelter dogs by upgrading to Winc’s Wine Club, which is customizable to suit your unique tastes! All you have to do is answer 6 simple questions to help Winc choose wines you’ll love. They’ll send your selection, and when you rate it, they’ll be able to fine-tune their choices to better please your palette!

A Winc Wine Club membership has two benefits you’ll see right away: you’ll save $20 and feed 25 shelter dogs!

So maybe it’s not so scientific, but that’s what makes it so great! Just by choosing Winc, you’ll get wonderful wines and help shelter dogs at the same time! We’ll raise a glass to that!


*A person with glasses.
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