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Senior Dog Tossed From Car Now Lives A Spoiled, Loved Life


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Who could hurt this adorable face?

Poor Leila was rescued after being thrown out — literally — like a piece of garbage.

Image Source: Greater Good

The senior pup was wrapped in a plastic bag, put in a box, then barbarically tossed from a moving car. A good Samaritan saw the box fly out of the car and heard the terrified dog scream. She pulled over, ran to the box, and opened it. There, she saw Leila and immediately called Groovy Paws Rescue in Norman, Oklahoma. 

Image Source: Greater Good

The folks with the rescue arrived on the scene and took Leila to their vet. Miraculously, little Leila was fine, despite the ordeal. But she was clearly undernourished, and weighed only 7 ounces! They immediately started feeding her high-quality meals from Rescue Bank, a food donation program through Greater Good. Finally, the tiny pup began to put on some weight.

Once she was brought back to health, Leila was adopted by an amazing woman. She now lives a life full of well-deserved happiness and love. Her mom always spoils her, and she enjoys eating great food from Rescue Bank. This 15-year-old girl spends her days cuddling with her favorite human and is getting the most out of her golden years! 

Image Source: Greater Good

Groovy Paws Rescue helps many senior dogs. They stated, “The food we receive from Rescue Bank helps us make sure all of our animals have good food, and helps us move other funds around to pay our high vet bills. Rescue Bank is truly a lifesaver!” 

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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