Senior Dog’s Reactions When He Gets Dumped Will Break Your Heart

A video is spreading like wildfire that will have you screaming with rage and crying with heartbreak at the very same time. In it we see a beautiful old soul, Henry and his human, a woman on a terrible mission. She drives up, Henry jumps out, and she leaves him. Henry wags his tail the whole time and it will crush you.

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Henry Wags His Tail as She Removes His Collar

A security camera is pointed towards a dead end that is bordered by woods and what appears to be a campground. The video shows a car pulling up and coming to an abrupt stop. A woman jumps out of the car and opens the back door.

She reaches in and prompts the occupant to get out of the car. Out hops Henry, a 13-year-old Lab, who looks happy as can be going on an adventure with his mom. He wags his tail while she reaches down and removes the collar from his neck.

She gets into her car while Henry looks at her. You can see him wondering, “what’s going on?” She thinks again and gets out of the car. Henry is happy again, wagging his tail at her return. She walks into the woods and Henry obediently follows. He seems to get it now. They must be going on a walk in the woods! How fun. But poor unsuspecting Henry has never been so wrong about anything in his life.

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Henry Has No Idea He is Being Abandoned

The woman rushes out of the woods, leaving poor Henry behind. How confused the dog must be, wondering why she is running back to the car without him. How scared he must have felt when she drove away, leaving him all alone. Did Henry stop wagging his tail or did he sit there, loyally counting on her to come right back? We will never know but we know Henry should never have been made to feel any of this.

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Henry Was Found and Taken to Shelter

Thankfully, nothing bad happened to Henry. He was found and is being cared for by the Humane Society of Southwest Washington. The video, captured by Brandon Price, was first posted by the animal rescue organization I Paw’d it Forward.

The video went viral with countless people expressing their rage at the woman who abandoned Henry and concern for his future. Naturally, tons of people came forward with offers to adopt Henry. Others came forward with theories about who the woman in the video might be. All organizations involved called for calm and patience while the authorities investigated.

Woman Identified and Charged with Animal Cruelty

“Abandonment is considered to be animal cruelty,” Susan Anderson of Clark County Animal Protection and Control told Katu. “So the next steps in this case are – as far as the enforcement goes – is that officers will speak with the prosecuting attorney’s office next week when everybody is back on shift.” She could face a misdemeanor charge or a civil penalty.

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Dumping Your Dog Is NEVER the Right Choice

Anderson of Clark County Animal Protection and Control said, “It was her understanding that she had run out of options based on what she had told our investigating officers. She was unable to find a home for him on her own and had run out of options, in her mind.”

Dumping your dog is NEVER the right choice. There are MANY options available to anyone who can no longer care for their pet. Organizations can help people keep their pets by providing support and guidance. If surrender is the only option, animals can be placed in the care of a number of organizations.

If you or someone you know are unable to care for your pet, please reach out to your local Humane Society, animal rescue group, veterinary clinic, or animal welfare group. They are here to help. Animals can be properly cared for until they can be adopted out to a new family.

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