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She Walked Into A Shelter Two Years After Losing Her Dog When Fate Stepped In

Two years ago, the Cromer family lost their beloved dog Buddy when a family member was watching him. The family, who now lives in Easley, South Carolina, was devastated.

“We put posters up everywhere,” mom April Cromer told WHNS. The fact that Buddy had not been microchipped made the situation even more hopeless.

Buddy 1
Screen Shot: WHNS

For a year, they searched for their best friend, until dad Cory Cromer finally accepted that someone else had probably found Buddy, and kept him.

“After about a year, I said, ‘He’s a good dog. Somebody’s got him,’” Cory added in the WHNS story.

buddy 3
Greenville County Animal Care via Facebook

However, fate had other plans. On April 5th, Buddy was found running around in Spartanburg, and taken to the shelter at Greenville County Animal Care.

A few days later, April was in the area, waiting to meet up with a friend. She had some time to kill, and decided to pop into the animal shelter and browse the dogs. As soon as she walked in, she spied a familiar face–and did double-take.

“I was like ‘No way.’ Then I looked again and was like, ‘Buddy Jack?’ and he just started jumping.”

She was in such disbelief, she brought her husband back in the next day, just to make sure the dog in the kennel was really their Buddy.

Though he was slightly shy, his long-lost family members began asking him to perform his “usual” tricks. It wasn’t long before both people and pup were one hundred percent certain of each other. Lots of hugs, kisses, and smiles followed.

buddy 4
Greenville County Animal Care via Facebook

No one has any idea where Buddy has been for the past two years, but he was in good health and had been well-fed.

Now, Buddy is home with April, Cory, their two elated daughters, and a toddler that they had during the pup’s absence. They could not be happier to have been reunited!

Buddy 2
Screen Shot: WHNS

Check out the WHNS news story here:

FOX Carolina 21

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Written by Karen Tietjen

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