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Simple DIY Fleece Dog Stocking


The best thing about this stocking is how EASY it is! In no time you will have a great dog stocking for your own pup or a friend’s. They are great way to give a dog-themed hostess gift – skip the basket that nobody wants and tuck their prezzies in this cute dog stocking instead.



  • Roughly 8.5×14 fleece in whatever color you wish
  • Scrap piece of fleece in coordinating color
  • Stocking Pattern – print on 8.5 x 14 paper – select “fit to page” in preferences

DIY Stocking Pattern

  • Paw print pattern – print on regular paper – select “actual size” in preferences

DIY Stocking Accent Pattern

  • Elmer’s glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Ribbon or fleece scrap for loop
  • Any embellishments you wish to add (ribbon, bells, etc. – you chose!)

How To Make a Dog Stocking

The secret is using fleece – no hem needed! This makes it an easy project for the most basic sewers. Not a sewer? Hot glue it together! (of course, you are more than welcome to use regular fabric, just remember to add a seam allowance!

Step 1. Cut stocking (2 pieces) and paw print (1 piece) out of your fleece.


For the paw print, you may find it easier to trace the pattern, and then cut it out. Trace is on the wrong side of the fabric (be sure to flip your pattern!) and then cut it out.


Step 2. Using hot glue or fabric glue, attach the paw print. You can also sew it on if you wish.



Step 3. Add a loop. You can really make this as long as you want, depending on your hanging needs. Just sandwich the two ends between the two pieces of bone, toward one side. I made a roughly 2″ loop


Step 4. Sew around the bone, leaving one of the ends of the bone open so you can fill your stocking.

Step 5. Add embellishments. I used glue and fake snow to accent the top. But you can use anything you want! Just be sure the glue doesn’t seep through and stick the two sides together.




And that’s it! Just 5 steps and you have a cute bone stocking that holds one toy and one treat.


Want a fatter stocking to hold more? Just alter the pattern and make the middle, long part, wider to hold more goodies.

Want a dog toy? Make a plain bone, fill it with stuffing, add a squeaker and sew around the whole thing – viola, you just made a dog toy!

Written by Kristina Lotz
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