Skipping This Weekly Chore Can Mean Extra Trips To The Vet And Unnecessary Pain For Your Dog

When you’ve finished brushing your dog’s fur and cleaning her teeth, there’s still one more task you need to accomplish… Cleaning your dog’s ears is something that is often forgotten but always important. Like humans, dogs rely on this basic form of hygiene to prevent serious medical issues. Wax, dirt, and other types of debris can build up in your dog’s ear canals. Continually missing out on cleanings could lead to a painful situation for your pup.

Bacterial Infections

The biggest threat to your dog’s ear health is a bacterial infection. Dirt gets caught in excess ear wax and turns the insides of a pup’s ears into the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. Dogs with floppy ears are especially at risk, because the restricted air flow prevents their ears from drying when they’re wet. If you’ve ever had an ear infection, you know they’re extremely painful. Dogs can’t tell you when an infection sets in, and it may be several days before you realize they’re in pain. Treating an ear infection is never an easy process, and the best strategy is to practice preventative care in order to avoid them all together.

Ear Mites

Picturing tiny white parasites crawling in your dog’s ears should be all the motivation you need to commit to weekly ear cleanings. Ear mites survive on ear wax and other oils found in the ear. In extreme cases, they cause serious ear infections. You won’t be able to tell whether or not your dog has mites by staring into their ear, because the annoying pests are too small to see. They’re also contagious and spread to other animals (even humans) through brief contact. Once they infest your dog’s ears, it’ll be a long process involving prescribed medication to finalize their eviction. They won’t have a chance to settle in, however, when their would-be-home is consistently cleaned!

The biggest hurdle keeping dog owners from providing the best care to their pets is the fact that cleaning a dog’s ears isn’t always easy. Dogs don’t always appreciate it when you put your fingers in their ears, but two products from the Project Paws® line of complete canine healthcare will help. Ear Wipes for Dogs with Aloe Vera & Eucalyptus make cleaning your dog’s ears fast and easy. The disposable wipes are alcohol-free, and all you have to do is wipe the inside of your dog’s ears to remove dirt. For dogs with sensitive ears, the Project Paws® Canine Ear Cleaner with Aloe Vera prevents the buildup of wax and dirt while soothing itching. Every Project Paws® purchase comes with the Project Paws Promise 90-day money-back guarantee and, as always, provides meals to shelter dogs in need.

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