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Spend The Money Now And Reap The Benefits For A Lifetime

Written by: Renee Moen
| Published on June 2, 2015


Caring for a dog costs roughly on average $1,000 a year–and that’s just in food, veterinary care and essentials. Of course not everyone owns the perfect dog, with the perfect temperament that happens to be in perfect health. Not many people can be so fortunate. There are always unexpected costs that come up. Spend the extra money to invest in the dog’s future.

There is no cookie cutter training

Clients contact me, we have our initial phone consultation, and then the subject of rates comes into the conversation. “Why should I pay you when I can get the same advice on YouTube for free?” My answer usually consists of something along the lines of “Because I’m working one-on-one with you, structuring a training module specifically for your dog’s personality and unique needs.” Dog training is not a cookie cutter program. No one method is going to work for every dog. This is why YouTube is a great starting point for hints and tips, but if there are underlying issues (and there almost always is) a certified trainer will be able to work with the dog to find the problem and create a solution.

Certified dog trainers study, train, and work to earn their credentials. It is an ongoing, career long process to keep up with the latest news and techniques to keep up with evolving trends.

Leave grooming to the professionals

Some breeds can get by with a simple shake of dry shampoo and a few strokes of the brush, some need a little extra snip, snip from expert fingers. Groomers are beneficial to dog owners for not only wielding a mean pair of scissors, they’re trained to detect abnormal skin abrasions, lesions, or other potentially dangerous health hazards.

To become a groomer, one must study, train and apprentice before being able to take the certification testing. It is another ongoing, career long process to keep up to date on the latest fashions, fads, techniques and products.

It is the groomer’s job to know what shampoos should be used, what treatments are best for what breed and how best to shear a dog’s fur. By paying for this service, an owner not only will have the best looking dog in town, they will have peace of mind concerning skin conditions that might have been otherwise overlooked.

Invest in the dog’s future

By utilizing dog professionals, an owner is investing in a dog’s future. Owner’s arm themselves with knowledge; build a network of support and an arsenal of positive dog energy that will last a lifetime. It may seem like a huge expense at first, but the benefits far exceed the initial cost.

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