Squealing Puppy Pulled Out Of Ukraine Rubble, Reunited With Elderly Owner

Many people have been injured or killed during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The horrors haven’t stopped since the attack started on February 24th, 2022. Despite the hardships, many people continue working hard to keep themselves and their loved ones alive and well. That includes their furry friends.

After a recent shelling by Russian troops, a 77-year-old man and his puppy barely made it out alive. But sadly, the tiny pup was nowhere in sight, so the man feared the worst initially. Luckily, Ukraine police officers were determined to locate the lost pup, and they ended up delivering good news to the owner!

Officers digging up puppy

Puppy in the Rubble

The elderly man and his dog were in Eastern Ukraine’s village of Mykhailivka in Donetsk Oblast. A shelling in the village caused both the man and puppy to almost lose their lives. The man was injured, but he’s lucky to have survived. However, he didn’t know where his puppy was at first.

Donetsk Regional Police kept an eye out for the puppy as they searched the rubble. While they were searching, they heard a squealing sound inside a pile of rubble, so they knew the puppy was still alive somewhere.

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“The elderly man was desperate to see his four-legged friend. However, law enforcement officers did not give up hope of finding him, as there was a squeal — the dog was still alive,” Donetsk Regional Police said. “Together, police and rescuers found and pulled the dog out of the ground.”

Officer holding tiny puppy

A video of the incredible rescue gained popularity online. It shows rescuers digging deep in the rubble and pulling out a tiny, dust-covered puppy. The puppy looks sick and confused, and he’s quickly returned to his human.

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Staying Safe Together

Both the man and his puppy received medical attention shortly after, and they’re both doing well. What they had to go through is horrific, but at least they have each other during these dark times. Many Ukrainians have found it difficult to stay with their pets amid the invasion, but many people like this man will do whatever it takes to keep their dogs.

“Every life is important — this is the slogan of the police and rescuers of Donetsk Oblast,” the police said. “The recent shelling of Mykhailivka Village nearly killed a 77-year-old man. He miraculously survived, and his puppy was buried under debris and earth.”

Elderly man holding puppy

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The officers who saved this puppy deserve so much recognition. The pup is tiny and looks like he’s struggling to survive in the video. So, it was the officers’ quick actions that saved this frail animal’s life in the end!

Watch the Incredible Rescue Here:

H/T: people.com
Featured Image: YouTube

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