Stolen French Bulldog Sold To Unsuspecting Family For $20

Sadly, dog thefts are common in busy areas like Los Angeles. High-demand breeds like French Bulldogs are stolen most often because people want to re-sell them for high prices. However, some thieves don’t think the situation through as well as others.

A man in Los Angeles spotted a French Bulldog alone in someone’s fenced-in yard. So, he decided to steal the pup right then and there. But instead of getting what the pup was worth, he sold the dog for a very low price outside a Home Depot. Worst of all, the Frenchie’s family was worried sick about him!

French Bulldog stolen

A Sudden Dognapping

A French Bulldog named King slipped out of Jodie Martinez’s slightly opened front door shortly before he went missing. So, he was alone in the fenced-in yard when a man walked by and spotted him. In surveillance footage, the man is seen scooping King up and running away with him over his shoulder.

When the family noticed King was gone, they thought he had somehow escaped the fence. But when they watched the surveillance video, their hearts sank. Martinez feared for her poor pup’s safety after seeing the man carelessly scoop him up and run off.

“To steal our baby, and the way he grabbed his arm, I just thought it hurt. It hurt him,” Martinez said. “He tried to back up. He tried to bite him.”

Man stealing French Bulldog

Within a day, the LAPD located the man in the video and arrested him. However, the suspect had already sold the dog for only $20 outside a Home Depot. Of course, Martinez was happy the man was caught, but she wanted to know her dog was safe more than anything else.

Unsuspecting Family Returns Dog

Martinez shared King’s photo and information across social media, hoping the people who bought him would do the right thing. Luckily, the unsuspecting family saw Martinez’s posts and returned King. They had no idea that they had purchased a stolen dog. It’s unclear why the thief didn’t ask for more than $20.

“To me, our fur babies are our children,” said Martinez. “And it’s like having a child stolen. You’re going to want them home. You’re going to do anything you can.”

French Bulldog returns home

King is back home with his family, and they said he’s happy and healthy. Never leaving your dog unattended outside is the best way to prevent dog theft. Also, getting them microchipped is a great way to help them come home. If you’re looking to get a dog, make sure you go to a reputable rescue, shelter, or breeder. Otherwise, the dog could be stolen, so it’s best to be cautious.

Watch the Surveillance Footage Here:

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