Strangers Move Mountains To Help Dog In Stolen Car Get Home

As much as we want to see the good in everyone, there are always some people who will hurt others every chance they get. So, when Jason Miller left his car running with his dog inside for only a minute, he never expected someone to steal his vehicle and his best friend. Of course, he should’ve been more careful, but how can someone steal something that quickly? It left poor Miller worrying if he’d ever see his dog Gunner again. Cars are replaceable, but a dog’s life is not. Miller had no choice but to turn to social media in hopes that someone would be kind enough to help with the search.

Dog in stolen car
Image: Lindsey Stiefvater Facebook

Social Media Hunt

Miller arrived at the Hampton Inn in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida just before his car was stolen. He parked in valet, and left it running as he checked in. Gunner waited patiently, but less than 30 seconds after his dad was gone, a stranger jumped in the car and drove away. It was barely even enough time for anyone to process what happened.

The chances of Gunner returning home seemed slim, but Miller was ready to do whatever it took. He had never been great at using social media, but he knew it was his only hope. He made a post about Gunner and before long, his friends were sharing it all over Facebook.

“I’ve never used social media like that before,” said Miller. “And, just to put it out there, ‘hey can you guys please share this,’ and it just took off really quick. That’s how we got him back.”

Lost dog reunited
Image: Lindsey Stiefvater Facebook

If it weren’t for Miller’s post, Lindsey Stiefvater and Kevin Minner would’ve never been able to become the heroes they are today. The couple insists that ‘hero’ is a strong word since they were just doing the right thing, but they truly saved Gunner’s life.

Gunner’s Guardian Angels

Stiefvater and Minner were driving home late at night when Minner slammed on the brakes. Somehow, he spotted a dog amid the darkness, and he knew they had to help. Being avid dog lovers themselves, the couple couldn’t leave a lost dog behind.

They got out of the car and tried to get him, but the poor pup was terrified and only ran away from them. At that point, they called animal control and posted on Facebook for help. That’s when their Facebook friends shared Miller’s post with them.

The couple continued to search for the dog, but they first stopped home to pick up turkey, a flashlight, and a leash to help them. They eventually found the poor pup trapped in a storm drain. Again, Gunner looked frozen in fear, so Steifvater tried her best to be gentle when approaching him.

dog in storm drain
Image: Lindsey Stiefvater Facebook

“He was just frightened and you could tell that I was trying to be self conscious about how close I was getting so I didn’t spook him,” Steifvater said. “He looked very, very sad.”

Miller soon arrived at the scene to reunite with his lovable pup. He cannot share his gratitude enough. Without the kindness of these two individuals, Gunner might’ve died on his own. Steifvater also said that rescuing Gunner brought a lot of joy to them during these difficult times.

Now, Gunner is getting plenty of love and attention at home. Miller’s car was found days later, but it was completely trashed. The police are still searching for the person responsible. Luckily, Miller doesn’t care about his damaged vehicle though, all he cares about is that Gunner is safe and sound.

Featured Image: Lindsey Stiefvater Facebook

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