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5 Ways To Keep Your Dog’s Eyes Healthy

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then dogs leave their windows wide open! The joy and excitement we read in those perfect peepers is infectious and one of the many reasons we love them so darn much. Keep those gorgeous, expressive, soulful eyes clear and healthy by following these 5 tips! 1. Keep ‘Em Clean Dogs’ eyes produce watery and mucousy discharge that can be perfectly normal. But unlike us, their eyes are surrounded by hair that can … Read more

This Genetic Condition Can Lead To Skin Problems & Blindness In Huskies

Uveodermatologic syndrome (UDS) is an autoimmune disorder that most often strikes Nordic dog breeds like Akitas, Samoyeds and Siberian Huskies. The disease causes the dog’s immune system to attack its own healthy body cells, especially those of the eyes and skin. Managing UDS is a lifelong struggle, but by staying, vigilant you can stave off blindness. Symptoms of UDS include red, irritated eyes and loss of skin pigmentation on the nose, lips, eyelids and paw pads. The hair coat may … Read more

These 3 Genetic Conditions Could Put Clouds In Your Husky’s Gorgeous Eyes

Siberian Huskies are prone to a host of genetic eye problems. Many people believe that blue-eyed Huskies are more likely to develop these issues than their brown-eyed cousins, but this is not the case. Hereditary or juvenile cataracts, corneal dystrophy, and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) have nothing to do with eye pigmentation. They are a result of recessive genes that affect different parts of the eye. Juvenile cataracts usually appear when a Husky puppy is between 6 months and a … Read more

This Painful Genetic Condition Could Cost Your Great Dane His Eyesight

Great Danes are among the dog breeds with a genetic predisposition for a hereditary disorder called entropion in which the eyelids “roll” inwards. It may sound rather harmless, but entropion causes the tiny hairs along the lash line to drag across the corneal surface of the eye, leading to pain, inflammation, and even vision-impairing scar tissue. Many dog owners do not even notice that their dog has entropion until the affected eye(s) have already sustained damage. Early on, a Great … Read more

This Genetic Condition Could Affect Your German Shepherd’s Beautiful Eyes

The deep, soulful brown eyes of a German Shepherd can hypnotize you into giving them just about anything they want, whether it be a bite of your sandwich or your favorite recliner. Around middle age, those gorgeous eyes become prone to a serious disease that may lead to blindness. GSDs have the highest genetic predisposition for Chronic Superficial Keratitis – or Pannus – of any dog breed. Pannus is believed to be immune-mediated, meaning some cellular malfunction causes the dog’s … Read more