What To Do If Your Dog Eats Human Medication

Dogs are curious animals that love to participate in everything we do. When it comes to medications, these traits sometimes put them in danger.  According to the Pet Poison Helpline, nearly 50% of all pet poisonings involve human drugs, with pain relievers, antidepressants and heart meds topping the list of common culprits. Do you know what to do if your dog eats human medication? Whether or not a case of accidental medication ingestion is a serious emergency depends on the type … Read more

This Genetic Condition Can Lead To Skin Problems & Blindness In Huskies

Uveodermatologic syndrome (UDS) is an autoimmune disorder that most often strikes Nordic dog breeds like Akitas, Samoyeds and Siberian Huskies. The disease causes the dog’s immune system to attack its own healthy body cells, especially those of the eyes and skin. Managing UDS is a lifelong struggle, but by staying, vigilant you can stave off blindness. Symptoms of UDS include red, irritated eyes and loss of skin pigmentation on the nose, lips, eyelids and paw pads. The hair coat may … Read more

FDA Approves New Drug That Can Help Dogs Cope With Noise Related Anxiety

Petrified pooches rejoice! There’s great news from the FDA this week. A new drug known as Sileo has been approved to treat noise-related fears in dogs, and best of all –  it’s not a pill! Anxiety caused by frightening sounds is very common in dogs. For some pups, just snuggling up to their humans does the trick. For others, medication is required to keep them from panicking and potentially injuring themselves. More dogs are reported missing on the Fourth of … Read more

These Household Allergens Could Be Making Your Dog Sick

Just like humans, dogs can be allergic to a wide array of things. You have likely heard about food sensitivities and seasonal allergies, but there’s so much more your dog can be reactive to. From the beds they sleep on to the other pets in your home, these allergens could potentially cause problems for your sensitive pup. Cleaners and Detergents A dog’s skin is naturally more delicate than that of a human. Harsh chemicals present in common household cleaning solutions … Read more

If Your Dog Swallows Any Of These 7 Common Household Items, Head To The Vet

Black pug covered in toilet paper and carrying a toilet paper roll

Dogs “see” the world through their noses, and taste is closely tied into their sense of smell. Some veterinarians and animal behaviorists feel that this may be why pups eat items that are most certainly not food. Whether they swallow a dangerous substance out of curiosity, excitement or just by accident, seeking veterinary help quickly can make all the difference. Here are some common materials pups have been known to eat that definitely warrant a visit to the vet. 1. … Read more