PETITION- Military Dog Families Destroyed By New United Flight Pet Regulations

Last May, iHeartDogs reported on the new PetSafe pet transportation policies set forth by United Airlines. After several incidents, the airline revamped their protocols and announced they would no longer accept reservations for “snub-nosed” or “strong-jawed” dog breeds. They also limited travel crates to a maximum height of 30 inches, effectively preventing large dogs of any breed from traveling with United. Although the new regulations were created to keep pets safe, they caused unfortunate collateral damage. The brave men and women of … Read more

United Airlines Bans 25 Dog & Cat Breeds

In the wake of several unfortunate animal-related incidents, United Airlines temporarily banned all pets from their flights while they reevaluated their PetSafe travel policies. Yesterday the company released a list of 25 dog and cat breeds no longer approved for travel in the cargo hold starting June 18. The decision came after a French Bulldog named Kokito suffocated in an overhead bin on a flight from Houston to New York in March. The very next day, United accidentally sent a dog to … Read more

American Dog Is Stuck In Germany After Airline Refuses To Let Him Fly

Joey, a 9-year-old Beagle/Australian Shepherd mix, has such bad separation anxiety that a German airline twice refused to board him on a plane home to the United States. They were afraid that he would hurt himself during the flight after he had already destroyed 2 airline-approved dog carriers and lacerated his nose in his attempts to escape and find his family. Now, Joey’s dad is back in Germany with no idea how to get him back to the United States. … Read more

United Airlines Suspends Flying Dogs In Cargo

After a week that saw United Airlines try to manage 3 separate dog-related incidents on their flights, they have decided to suspend the PetSafe program that allows dogs to ride in the cargo hold of the plane. Small dogs will still be allowed in the cabin as carry on luggage in approved carriers. While the airline will not accept any new reservations for pets flying in cargo, they will honor reservations that were made prior to this decision. The suspension … Read more

United Faces Another Dog Dilemma After Dog Placed On Wrong Flight

A United Airlines flight was diverted from its intended destination of St. Louis, Missouri to Akron, Ohio when it was discovered that a dog in cargo had been loaded onto the wrong plane. Flight 3996 left from Newark, New Jersey on its way to St. Louis when the airline discovered there was a canine passenger aboard who was not bound for St. Louis, but was intended to be on a flight to Akron, Ohio instead. The airline decided that the best course … Read more

The WOOFF Act Will Keep Dogs Out of Airplane Overhead Bins

One day after a dog died on a United Airlines flight, U.S. congress began making moves to better protect pets when they board planes. The Welfare Of Our Furry Friends (WOOFF) Act was officially filed on Thursday to prohibit animals from being placed in overhead bins. While United has a reputation for dismal service when it comes to transporting pets, the most recent incident prompting this new law has reached a new level of reproach. Catalina Robledo and her daughter boarded … Read more