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The 20 Best Durable Toys for Golden Retrievers

Written by: Zyra Capalac
Zyra is a Special Project Coordinator of HomeLife Media and a writer for She has 3 dogs namely Skye, Luna, and one of them is a rescue, named Tesla.Read more
| Published on January 4, 2023

Golden Retrievers love their toys. And they love destroying them too! So when we asked our I Love My Golden Retriever Facebook community which toys, we got hundreds of responses. Below we’ll share a handful of the most popular suggestions on best toys for golden retrievers.

The 20 Top Toys for Golden Retrievers, According to Real Golden Retriever Owners

My golden had a toy called a Wubba. It is made by the same people who make Kongs and was super durable.

Author: Meleah J.

Likes: 3

Rope filled pretzel

Author: Monica K.

Likes: 5

The blue ‘thing‘ on the floor…9 years old. Bought it at the Vet’s. Sorry I don’t know what it is called.

Author: Mary O.

Likes: 1

Anything from west Paws. Incredibly durable. I’ve got 2 Goldens

Author: Ken W.

Likes: 0

Sailor’s favorite toy is his Kong donut.

Author: Janet K.

Likes: 2

He loves his Nylabone, and also loves his Kong ball with a squeaker inside. Sometimes he puts the smaller rubber ball inside of his mouth…and then the Kong ball with the squeaker..two balls at the same time. Then he trots around because he is so proud that he has both in his mouth!

Author: Lee W.

Likes: 2

Kong! As you can tell, it’s his favorite toy and he didn’t want me going far with it. Lol!

Author: Dawn G.

Likes: 4

Jolly ball. Its actually for horse but my golden has 5

Author: JoJo J.

Likes: 0

We call it a flying squirrel. Not indestructible but has gone through 2 yellow labs and a golden retriever. Starting to show wear.

Author: Kim B.

Likes: 1

My golden likes squeaker toys. He has never checked one up. Just squeaks them. Although he loves knuckle bones to chew on.

Author: Tish E.

Likes: 1

The orange and blue ‘chuck it’ ball. He eats the the green off tennis balls! I have a chuck it ball chucker that throws the ball for him!

Author: Pamela W.

Likes: 3

Westpaw bone. Excuse how dirty it is but I have 3 goldens and a Great Pyrenees and they bury and unbury it all the time!! This bone is 6 years old!!

Author: Pam G.

Likes: 5

Elk antlers seem to do the trick w Max our 6 n half mo old. Everything else gets destroyed. Even those hard plastic on large ropes.

Author: Chris E.

Likes: 1

Mine has had stuffed squirrel for 8 years. Doesn’t look like it’s made of anything different than the other toys he was destroyed in short order. She carry’s it everywhere.

Author: Wayne P.

Likes: 0

Bowling pin from Chewy

Author: Kris L.

Likes: 6

Mine loves westpaw, it made it through 3 goldens and 2 labs and a pit. You can find them on Amazon

Author: Brad R.

Likes: 0

Chuck it ball!!!

Author: Kellie R.

Likes: 9

Expensive but they love them and never destroyed any of them. Our 2 Goldens destroy every other toys we’ve ever gotten.

Author: Paul T.

Likes: 1

Playology. My. Chiweenie destroys everything but not this ball. I have a 8 month old English Cream Golden Retriever also she has one of her own. They are cheap about $15

Author: Karon P.

Likes: 0

My two Goldens have not destroyed the Kong Tire.

Author: Maggie S.

Likes: 0

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