The 8 Dog Breeds That Slobber The Most

#1 – St. Bernard

These gentle giants are notorious drool offenders. Owners of this breed will more than likely have a stock pile of towels on hand for guests who come over.


#2 – Dogue de Bordeaux

Also known as a French mastiff, a DDB is blissfully unaware at how much spittle they produce. That infamous scene in Turner and Hooch where Hooch shakes his head coats everything in slobber? It’s not that far from the truth.


#3 – Bloodhound

This slobbery breed is mild mannered and laid back. Some like to lay their heads in the nearest lap, leaving behind a large puddle of drool when they decide to find another place to rest their weary head.


#4 – Great Danes

The long jowls and loose flaps of skin around their mouth might look adorable, but the Great Dane does have a slight slobber issue. Owners of this breed will do well to keep drool rags handy to wipe down walls and furniture.


#5 – Newfoundlands

Much like the St. Bernard, the Newfoundland or Newfie, makes their mark on everything they come into contact with. Not only by their massive shedding coats, but by the thick ropes of drool coming from them.


#6 – Bullmastiffs

Keep the towels handy for this lovable breed, who is known to drool during all kinds of activity 24/7!


#7 – Boxers

Boxers have a million wonderful qualities, but a dry mouth is NOT one of them! 🙂

shutterstock_117260971 (1)

#8 – Bulldogs

Another beloved breed for owners who don’t care about a little (actually a lot) of doggie drool!


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