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● If A Dog Falls Through The Ice
● City Dogs Get More Allergies
● Life Flights For Police K9s
● Signs Your Dog Needs More Love
● Vet-Recommended Resolutions
● Dog DNA Tests

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What To Do If A Dog Falls Through The Ice

Every winter curious dogs make their way onto frozen lakes and waterways only to crash through the thin ice. Life-threatening hypothermia can set in in under five minutes, but rescue workers stress that you must not go in after them!

So what can you do to save a dog in danger of drowning or freezing?

Colorado Parks & Wildlife offers a step-by-step guide to facilitating rescue for a dog that has fallen through the ice as well as tips to protect your pup from this type of accident.


Your dog’s tail, ear tips, and paw pads are most vulnerable to frostbite. Warm her with dryer-heated towels after chilly winter outings.


Happy, Healthy Dental Bites Make It Easy To Care For Your Dog’s Teeth

Prioritize your dog’s dental health in 2021 with new Happy, Healthy™️ Dental Bites. These tasty treats are scientifically formulated to freshen breath, brighten teeth, and promote healthy gums.

All-natural ingredients like anise, green tea, and sunflower oil tackle tartar, plaque, and the bacteria that cause bad breath leaving your pooch with a healthier mouth.

Check out our entire line of dental care treats, chews, rinses, toys, and more!


Which of these behaviors is a sign that your dog needs more attention?

  1. Marking in the house.
  2. Chewing your shoes.
  3. Aggression toward other dogs.

Not sure? Read on to find the answer!


City Dogs Are At A Higher Risk For Allergies Than Rural Pups

According to a recent study from the University of Helsinki, allergies are more common among dogs and humans living in urban environments than those living in more rural areas.

The researchers believe that rural environments provide more diverse and varying microbial exposure that helps promote better health. Maybe it’s time to leave the city behind!

Learn more about this innovative study here.


New Program Will Offer Emergency Air Transport For Injured K-9 Officers

Police K9s risk their lives to protect their partners and their communities. Although cherished by the law enforcement community, there is a dramatic disparity in the life-saving efforts working dogs receive in comparison to their human partners.

When an officer is seriously injured, Life Flight helicopters swoop in to deliver them to the nearest hospital in record time. And now, that same privilege will be extended to K9 officers as well.

Read on to find out where and how the new K9 Life Flight program will operate.


Keep your pup safe on after-dark walks with reflective gear and/or LED lights.


8 Signs Your Dog Needs More Of Your Love

Like humans, some dogs crave more meaningful interaction and physical affection than others. According to veterinarian Katy Nelson, this stems from their need for reassurance of their place within the pack.

The amount of attention your dog requires depends on several factors including breed, quality of interaction, and individual personality.

Here are 8 sure signs your dog needs a little more TLC.


3 Vet-Recommended New Year’s Resolutions For Dogs

by Dr. Julianne Miller

After a long, stressful year, we all have high hopes for 2021. Working from home and quarantining has led to many of us slacking on our exercise goals and indulging in more comfort foods.

If your bad habits have trickled down to your pup, you are not alone!

Luckily, Dr. Julianne Miller has three important New Year’s resolutions to help you make your dog happier and healthier in the coming year.


Which Dog DNA Test Should You Choose?

Are you thinking about investigating your dog’s DNA? Every new year, many folks make it their resolution to learn more about their pups’ heritage.

With ever-advancing technology in this area, you can learn more than just your dog’s breed or mix of breeds. Some tests can even detect a range of genetic markers linked to potential health issues.

The following article breaks down the pros and cons of the three most popular canine DNA tests and what you should know before making your choice.


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Quiz Answer:

2. Chewing your shoes. While chewing is normal in teething puppies, in adult dogs it may be a sign of anxiety or boredom indicating your pup is crying out for more love and attention.

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