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● Foods For K9 Mental Health
● “My Dog Ate Weed”
● COVID = More Obese Pets
● Dogs Play More When Watched
● Autoimmune Disease
● Collapsing Trachea

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3 Foods That Can Improve Your Dog’s Mental Health

Rowan Sanderson is the Chief Nutrition Officer at pet wellness brand, Bella & Duke. Like all pet nutritionists, he believes feeding the right combination of foods is the best way to keep your dog fit and healthy.

He also believes nutrition plays a huge role in our dogs’ mental wellbeing.

In this post, Sanderson discusses the top three foods for improving your dog’s mental health.



25% of dogs in U.S. animal shelters are purebred. If you have your heart set on a particular breed, check with shelters and rescues first!


Happy, Healthy™️ Omega Dental Sticks Help Clean Your Dog’s Teeth & Much More

Want to boost your dog’s skin, coat, and dental health with one easy, tasty chew? Try Happy, Healthy™️ Antarctic Krill Omega Dental Sticks!

They help scrape away tartar like most dental sticks, but they also give your dog a boost of omega-3, a crucial fatty acid that supports skin and coat health, joint health, heart health, immune system health, cellular health, and brain health!

Shop now and provide 14 meals to shelter dogs with every bag you purchase.


What is the chemical in marijuana that makes it dangerous, if not toxic, to dogs?

  1. EPA
  2. THC
  3. Hemp

Not sure? Read on to find the answer!


“My Dog Ate Weed. Is Marijuana Really So Bad For Pets?”

In 2019, ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center received an astonishing 765% more calls about dogs eating marijuana than it did in 2018. With the once demonized substance becoming legal and readily available in more and more states, this may prove to be a continually-growing problem.

But just how dangerous is it when dogs ingest pot? After all, Hemp is safe for dogs, so what’s the harm?

While dogs very rarely die from marijuana toxicity, it is a very serious condition that requires prompt veterinary attention.


Pet Obesity Swells During COVID-19 Pandemic

You’ve heard of the Freshman-15: the extra weight college students put on during their first year of freedom. Well, pets are experiencing a similar phenomenon thanks to the ongoing pandemic. Call it the COVID-15.

A recent study by the BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital found that 52 percent of dogs and 56 percent of cats treated at their clinics in 2020 were overweight; a 24% increase compared to 2013.

Learn how to prevent your pooch from packing on the pounds as we wait for the world to return to normal.


Puppies can begin training classes as early as eight weeks, but it is never too late to enroll in a class, even if your dog is an adult or a senior!


Dogs Play More When Humans Are Watching

According to a new study published in the journal Animal Cognition, dogs play with one another more when their humans are watching, leading the study’s authors to wonder if they are “putting on a show for our benefit.”

We already know that dogs will go to extreme lengths to gain our attention, but this is the first known study to examine how our level of attentiveness affects dog-dog play.

Learn more about the study and why researchers are comparing the dogs’ behavior to that of human children.


What Is Autoimmune Disease In Dogs?

by Dr. Kathryn Primm

An autoimmune disease is a condition in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the body rather than defending it. The underlying cause of these conditions is often unknown.

Depending on the specific autoimmune disorder, the immune system suddenly turns against the cells of certain body tissues such as the joints, skin, or specific organs.

In this post, Dr. Primm discusses some of the most common autoimmune diseases seen in dogs and how they are treated.


What Are The Current Treatment Protocols For Collapsing Trachea?

Your dog’s trachea – the tube through which she breathes – is surrounded by thick rings of cartilage that help it stay open and functional. Some dogs have weakened rings that allow the tube to collapse, causing a honking cough and making it difficult to breathe.

In minor cases, veterinarians recommend weight loss and walking the dog on a harness. In more serious cases, medications for cough and inflammation may help.

And in the most extreme cases, a procedure called tracheal stenting is performed. In this surgery, a rigid stent is placed inside the windpipe to hold it open.


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2. THC. The higher the THC content in the marijuana product, the more toxic it is to your dog. Cannanine Hemp products are 100% THC-free, making them safe for pets.

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