The One Thing You Might Not Realize Is Hurting Your Dog’s Health


You love your dog. I have no doubt about that. Their health is important to you and you would do anything to help them improve it. That’s why you always make sure they get exercise and you only select the best dog food for your pup. But, if you’re not paying attention, you might be slipping something into their diet that is hindering their health.


4 out of 5 dog owners say they carefully monitor the health of their dog, but of those that do, only 1 of 4 could tell you the main ingredients in the TREATS they are giving them. Yes: treats could be hurting your dog’s health. Most never stop to think about the once a day treat they freely give their dog. They just know their other meals are healthy and their dog stays active. It’s very similar to the way humans eat healthy all day, but pay no attention to the pretzels they have in their desk drawer for snacking.

One company is looking to change the way you think about treat health.

Being a part of our wonderful dog community at, I have the privilege of getting the chance to partner with many great brands. While most don’t make the cut, on occasion I showcase the ones that can truly help our audience. When I was contacted by TRU harvest®, I realized how little attention I’ve paid to the treats I’ve been feeding my dogs.

TRU harvest® with Ancient Grains Chewy Bars with barley, spelt & quinoa were different than so many other treats I’ve seen. They come in two different flavors, Chicken, Cheese & Tomato Flavor and Turkey & Cranberry Flavor. They also have TRU harvest® with Ancient Grains Wavy Strips with barley, spelt & quinoa. These might be for a bigger dog, but my little guy enjoyed them anyway. These come in Chicken & Sweet Potato Flavor and Turkey & Pumpkin Flavor. 

Now, keep in mind the only place to get these healthy treats is exclusively at Walmart.


As you can see, my dog Hank was pretty pumped to taste these. Needless to say, he devoured them and was ready for more after the first taste. What I really appreciated is that ancient grains are naturally low in fat and contain more nutrients than common grains. The treats contain NO corn, soy, wheat, artificial colors, artificial flavors or poultry by-products. Each treat has either chicken or turkey as the primary meat source, with a mixture of real
fruits and vegetables, such as tomato, cranberry, sweet potato, pumpkin, and carrot. 
The product is a great source of protein for Hank, and MOST importantly the product is simply made.

I’m a little embarrassed to think back on all the lackluster treats I’ve given Hank in the past, all while being so conscious of his regular meals and exercise. But, apparently I’m not alone. After all, so many treat suppliers spend massive amounts of money into tricking you that they have something good for your dog. But, TRU harvest® keeps it simple, and that should be rule number one for any dog diet.

To get your dog on the track to wellness, pick up TRU harvest® at Walmart today!. Click the image below for a coupon to get started!




Written by Jacob Huff
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