These Abandoned Dogs Were Skin And Bones Until You Saved Them!

Every time you purchase items from the iHeartDogs store, a portion of those proceeds are donated to Greater Good Charities. Greater Good Charities support shelter animals in many ways, such as donating healthy meals through their Rescue Bank program. Those free meals have saved the lives of many dogs, including two siblings named Benita and Beatrix.

Beatrix before

Someone dumped Benita and Beatrix all alone at a secluded rest area. They didn’t have any food, water, or shelter, and they were so malnourished that you could see their ribs. Despite being weak and scared, the two pups stuck together and searched for someone to help them.

Eventually, the dogs came across a Native American boy on an Indian reservation. The boy’s family didn’t have many resources, but they did whatever they could to help Benita and Beatrix. They provided lots of kindness to the canines, which is something the pups hadn’t experienced in a long time.

Benita before

A Better Life for Benita and Beatrix

Eventually, the family realized that they couldn’t care for the dogs long-term. So, they took Benita and Beatrix to Lake Traverse Animal Rezcue in Sisseton, South Dakota. The rescue has lots of experience dealing with situations like this, so they were able to give the dogs the care they needed.

Greater Good Charities’ Rescue Bank provides healthy meals to Lake Traverse Animal Rezcue. That way, the rescue can focus their funds on other aspects of animal care, such as medical needs. With Rescue Bank’s meals, Benita and Beatrix had no shortage of food to enjoy.

Beatrix afer

The two pups went into foster care, where they received love and tasty food. Now, both pups seem happy and well-nourished, and you can see an impressive change in their before and after photos.

“Their coats are now shiny and their eyes content. LTAR is extremely grateful to Rescue Bank for supplying the food needed for them to grow into the happy, healthy dogs they were meant to be!” the rescue wrote.

Rescue dog cuddles

When you purchase items from the iHeartDogs store, dogs like Benita and Beatrix get a second chance at life. Even small purchases can make a difference for a dog in need. So, thank you to all the wonderful heroes who have purchased products to save dogs.

Shop & Give Back!

The following products provide quality dog food for shelters and rescues, helping them reserve more of their precious funds for medical expenses, supplies, and spreading the word about their adoptable pups.

Images provided by Lake Traverse Animal Rezcue

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