These Sweet Tweets From Your Dog Will Brighten Your Day, Everyday!

There’s times we know for sure what our dogs are thinking, like when we try to quietly open a container and he comes running – he’s thinking “FOOD!” Or when he’s barking at squirrels through the window – depending on your dog, he could be thinking “FRIEND!” or “GET AWAY FROM MY HOUSE!” But there are other moments, like when he lays down next to you and sighs, or when he’s just quiet, wide awake, sitting. We wonder what he’s thinking, but we probably couldn’t guess.

Thoughts Of A Dog on Twitter fills in the blanks for us. Of course it’s not written by an actual dog, but it’s every bit as wholesome as you’d expect your dog’s thoughts to be!

Your dog is there for you, but Thoughts Of A Dog is there when you need to know what he’s thinking. And reminder: your dog is everything you need!

When you need to feel loved:


When you need motivation:


To remind you to appreciate the little things in life:



When you just need to know everything is going to be okay:


Of course the most uplifting thing on the internet comes from the point of view of a dog! Also, @dog_feelings will frequently tell you good morning and good night, so set the alerts to pop up on your phone and enjoy your daily messages from a dog!

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