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These Tasty Little Nuggets Naturally Keep Fleas Off Your Dog and Cost Pennies a Day

It’s that time again… fleas are back in season!

In fact for many of us in warmer areas like California or Florida, fleas remain a threat year around.

A Natural, Super Inexpensive Method of Flea & Tick Control

Project Paws Flea & Tick Prevention costs an average of 7 cents a day per dog.

The Project Paws® veterinarian-formulated Brewer’s Yeast & Garlic chewable tablets are a natural way to help keep your dog pest-free. The tasty little chews incorporates a small amount of garlic to ward off pests. When eaten daily, the blend of brewer’s yeast and garlic tablets make your pup smell unpleasant to fleas and ticks making them stay away. The great part though is that humans and dogs can’t smell the odor!

Each chewable tablet is an excellent source of protein, trace minerals, and B-complex vitamins to help promote healthy skin & coat, maintain normal cellular growth and function, boost immune support, and enhance overall health. They’re also very tasty, even to the pickiest dogs!

At $11.99 for a bottle of 300 tablets, it’ll only set you back about 7 cents a day for an average size dog.

It should be noted that if your dog is already infested with fleas, you’re going to need to first rid them of the bugs before a natural flea repellant strategy can be effective. It does take typically 4-6 weeks for the ingredients in this product to build up in your dog’s system.

Why Pet Parents Are Turning To Natural Flea Control Methods

Many pet parents are expressing concerns about using pesticide/chemical based bug repellants. In September of last year, the FDA again warned dog and cat owners about the possible adverse effects of chemical flea repellants, including seizures, muscle tremors and ataxia.

In addition to safety concerns, chemical based pesticide have an inherent flaw: fleas and ticks can adapt over time and become immune to the effects. This is why so many people have to rotate brands of traditional flea control products.

Even if you use pesticide based flea control products, you might consider also adding in natural flea repellants which can be used along with traditional flea products, and boost their effectiveness.

A 3 Prong, Effective Strategy for Natural Flea & Tick Prevention

  1. Work from the inside out – Using nutrition and a natural supplement like the brewer’s yeast and garlic product mentioned above, you can make your dog’s body inhospitable to fleas.
  2. Work from the outside in – Natural pet-safe essential oil sprays can be applied to your dog’s fur and bedding, which helps prevents bugs from making their home on these surfaces.
  3. Don’t forget about your yard and home! – A complete natural pest control program cannot ignore your dog’s environment. Even if you rid your dog of fleas, they will keep infesting your dog if the eggs exist in your home or yard. Our favorite natural method of killing fleas in and around your home is by using diatomaceous earth, available at many home and hardware stores.

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Like all products sold by iHeartDogs, every purchase provides healthy meals for shelter dogs!

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Written by Justin Palmer
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