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This Dog Went Blind, So Her 3 Sisters Became Her Seeing Eye Siblings

When Margaux the Standard Poodle was 8-years-old she developed a mysterious auto-immune condition that cost her her vision and hearing.

Her parents, Scott and Laura Jordan considered euthanasia until they noticed something amazing – Margaux’s 3 Poodle sisters immediately stepped up to become her guides.

Margaux’s rare disease began with an infection on her paw that the Jordans mistook for a snake bite. A specialist in Boise, Idaho eventually identified the immune system-destroying condition as diffuse pyogranulomatous inflammation.

The disease ravaged different areas of Margaux’s body before eventually attacking her vision. On the day her eyes were removed, the vet also informed the Jordans that she had gone deaf. With the help of their other dogs – Susie, Rhonda and Chloe – the family decided to take the challenge of Margaux’s new disabilities head-on.

Margaux wears a special lead attached to her harness when the family is out and about. Whether led by Scott, Laura, or one of her 3 sisters, she trusts that they will guide her wherever she needs to go. In fact, Scott believes that Margaux is actually more comfortable being led by her canine sisters than her human parents.

He told The Dodo:

“They’re sensitive to her needs. When they’re working as seeing eye dogs on those trails, they’re truly working. They know they have a job to do.”

Without any formal training, Susie, Rhonda and Chloe have adapted to Margaux’s needs. When she first returned home after surgery, they simply noted the changes in her and adjusted their behavior to accommodate her.

Margaux’s sisters aren’t just there for her on walks. Scott says she went into a “state of panic” the first time she was groomed after losing her hearing and eyesight. From that point on they began bringing one of the 3 girls along for Margaux’s appointments. They sit in the cage with her, their soothing presence keeping her calm and content.

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Written by Dina Fantegrossi

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