This Great Dane Is Insta Famous For His Batman-Like Appearance!

A Great Dane named Enzo is taking the world by storm with his striking resemblance to the well-known character, Batman. With his unique appearance and adventurous spirit, it’s no wonder this handsome Dane has become an Instagram celebrity!

Danny Lemay and Stephanie Godim welcomed Enzo into their lives when he was just a tiny puppy. While he was much smaller than he is now, that was never the case for his ears!

batman dog

From the moment the two brought Enzo home, it was clear that his ears would always steal the show. Enzo’s unique ears would stop strangers in their tracks, bringing in a slew of comments about his bat-like appearance.

As time went on and Enzo quadrupled in size, his ears grew right along with him. His lanky frame grew muscular and powerful, while his black coat developed a jaw dropping sheen. By the time Enzo reached one year of age, he was ready to take the internet by storm!

Danny and Stephanie go on hikes through their local forest each day, often bringing Enzo along with them. The couple began taking photos of Enzo with the beautiful backdrops, and sharing them with their friends and family on Instagram.

batman dog

What began as a way for their loved ones to keep up with their adventures turned into Enzo’s personal account with a pool of admiring fans. Enzo’s account has only been active for a year, and has already generated over 30,000 followers.

Enzo has been compared to the superhero Batman, a black panther, a black wolf, and just about every other powerful creature out there. While he may appear intimidating in photos, his parents say he is quite the gentle giant.

When scrolling through this famous Great Dane’s account, you will see an array of beautiful photos and breathtaking views. Enzo stands nobly in so many gorgeous hiking spots with his bat-like ears standing tall and proud!

batman dog

As their following has grown, Enzo’s fur parents have been able to create a booming business in photo editing and creation. They have since written an e-book on getting that perfect shot, and are encouraging pet parents to get out there and do the same.

The future is bright for this majestic pup, and so many beautiful quests lie ahead of him. We can’t wait to follow along on Enzo’s journey, and see all of his photos to come!

Image Source: enzo.greatdane/Insta

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