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This Grocery Store Outfitted Its Carts With Compartments For Dogs!

Dog owners in Liano, Italy are thrilled that one grocery store has taken an extra step so dogs can accompany them on their errands!

Gianfranco Galantini, who owns the dog-friendly Unes grocery store, created a simple compartment with flat-surfaced panels in which small pooches can sit comfortably. Galantini got the idea after witnessing too many pitiful puppy-dog eyes from shopper’s pups, chained outside and waiting for their owners to return. 

dog 1
Source: Lucia Landoni/La Repubblica

“The owners of small dogs can now avoid having to leave them outside, giving them peace of mind to take all the time they need to make their purchases,” said the store owner in Italy’s La Repubblica“The initiative launched just recently, but we’ve already noticed how much our customers appreciate it.”

dog 2
Source: Lucia Landoni/La Repubblica

We can imagine this would make Unes the grocery store of choice for dog-loving locals. Heck, we’re half tempted to make the country-hopping commute, ourselves.

According to Yahoo News, the chain grocer is considering making dog-friendly adjustments to all their locations. For now, the carts only cater to smaller dogs.

There have been no reports of any additional ruckus caused by the new puppy patrons. It looks like this idea was a win-win, all around!

dog 3
Source: Lucia Landoni/La Repubblica

Would you be more likely to shop in a grocery store that allows dogs?

(h/t: Yahoo News)

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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