This Stray Puppy Got The Training He Needed Because Of You

When you purchase items from the iHeartDogs store, some of that profit is donated to GreaterGood. GreaterGood is an incredible organization that helps many at-risk dogs get a second chance at life. Thanks to loyal customers like you, many dogs have gotten a better life because of these donations. One of those dogs is a puppy named Scooby.

Scooby was a stray when he arrived at the Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan with his brother. Both puppies were only a few months old and in desperate need of training. They weren’t potty trained and they had terrible manners. So, donations helped fund training classes for these precious pups.

Scooby Before

Scooby ended up being a rock star during his training. He went for 7 weeks, and the shelter posted updates throughout his entire journey. At first, he was still waiting for someone to adopt him, but eventually, his adorable Facebook posts helped him find a forever family. The longer he was at training, the more he excelled at every challenge.

Not only did Scooby come out of training with a new family, but he also came out with a new purpose. The smart pup is now moving onto therapy work so he can help others. His new mom loves taking him on adventures, and they’re even moving to a new location together. Hopefully, Scooby will be able to touch the hearts of people everywhere he goes thanks to his new role as a therapy dog.

If Scooby hadn’t received that essential training, he wouldn’t be the dog he is today. Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan is so thankful for all the support they have received. Donations have led them to save many other dogs like Scooby too.

Scooby Adopted

“Without being a member of Rescue Bank, we would have to pay full retail for food. Fourteen dogs, for ten weeks, gets expensive. We can’t thank the donors enough for what they provide. And Rescue Bank for all their hard work,” said Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan.

Thanks to purchases from the iHeartDogs store, many dogs like Scooby learn what a loving family is really like.

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Images from Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan

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