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‘Tiniest’ Wounded Puppy Hears Her Voice, Comes Into Yard And Begs For Help

| Published on March 24, 2022

A very tiny and stray pup, all on his own, must have heard voices nearby him. Simply knowing he needed help, the little pup came over from another yard, hurting from the painful wounds on his little body. He was only 3 weeks old. What had happened to his mother and what could have caused such an injury?


SourceAnimalSTEP Official (YouTube Video)



The rescuer picks the puppy up and notices that he’s not just injured but he’s also malnourished. It’s likely he had been on his own for a few days. Imagine how scared this little one must’ve been! We are sad that he’s hurt but thrilled that he found help. At such a young age, he understood that he couldn’t handle all this on his own.



SourceAnimalSTEP Official (YouTube Video)



The tiny pup was starving and covered in hundreds of fleas. As he lapped up some formula, the rescuer could see that his blood count was also quite low. Poor pup!

Before dressing his wound, the rescuer notices there are maggots in it. She kills and removes them with a special powder. When she dresses his wounds, he makes noises we can identify as protests against the bandages. Yet we know that they must be there in order to keep his wound dry and clean.



SourceAnimalSTEP Official (YouTube Video)



With some time and healing, the tiny puppy makes tremendous progress. It’s amazing what a good diet, proper medical care, and lots of love can do. As you can see, he is certainly a fan of his new food!



SourceAnimalSTEP Official (YouTube Video)



The puppy’s wound is almost fully healed and his rescuer is fostering him. He will soon be big enough to go to his forever home. There are many willing adopters interested in the entire litter of pups!



SourceAnimalSTEP Official (YouTube Video)


We are so grateful that this little guy knew he needed help and came to the rescuers when he did.


Watch this pup’s story and be sure to pass it onto a friend or family member!


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