Top 10 Dog Training DVDs Every Dog Owners Should Watch

Being a knowledgeable dog owner makes all the difference in the world when it comes dealing with any behavioral or training issues that may arise throughout the life of your dog. Like humans, dogs change as they get older. Your once friendly puppy may develop a fear of people or dogs. Your aging dog may go deaf and no longer be able to respond to your verbal cues. A dog may bite a child for the first time seemingly “out of the blue” (though it never it is). The more you know about dog behavior and training, the better you can handle situations like these. The following are 10 must-watch dog training DVDs for all dog owners that will make the life you share with your dog easier and more pleasant.

#1 – Puppy Culture The Film

This DVD is a must of any present or future puppy owners. Did you know that the most critical time for socializing a dog are its first 12 weeks? And then from then until about 18 months? From early neurological stimulation, to aggression prevention, to potty training and leash walking, This DVD shows how a puppy should be socialized from birth to help ensure a well-adjusted dog. Also available through Video on Demand.

dv1 359254575


#2 – The Language of Dogs – Understanding Canine Body Language And Other Communication Signals

A lot of problems, including dog bites, can be resolved if we learn to read our dog’s language. This DVD was named the IIACAB Best Dog Behavior DVD in 2006 and it’s still great information. It features extensive footage of various dog breeds and hundreds of examples of canine behavior, body language, and other communication signals.

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#3 – Clicker Training – The Perfect Foundation

This is actually a book and DVD set, which is a bonus. Kay Laurence is considered one of the top trainers in the world and her DVD takes you through the basics of clicker training: how and why it works, how to use and manage rewards, add cues to behaviors, and basic shaping and targeting techniques.

dv3 clickertraining


#4 – Clicker Puppy – Kids and Puppies Learning Together

If you have children in your family, than this is a great DVD to help your children understand how to interact with your dog (whether he’s a puppy or not). It teaches similar information as the Clicker Training DVD above, but it’s geared toward kids.

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#5 – Relationship Games For Your And Your Dog

Training should be fun. It should also strengthen your bond, not make you frustrated or scare your dog. This DVD is all about games – games that teach important things like stay, come and leave it. It’s the perfect way to keep training fun while creating a dog that wants to listen and work with you. 

dv5 DGT292_c

#6 – Rocket Recall

Every single dog on the planet needs a rock solid recall, so this DVD is perfect for every dog owner. It’s all about getting your dog to come every single time, even in “highly challenging environments.”

dv6 DTB1397_c

#7 – Fighting Dominance In A Dog Whispering World

This DVD answers all the questions you have about dominance and what science really says about it in relation to how you and your dog interact. It’s the best one on the market for this and definitely worth watching. 

dv7 514z+GKwDuL

#8 – The Fundamentals of Animal Training

Bob Bailey is a highly acclaimed dog trainer and behaviorist, known the world over and having over 40 years of experience training animals. This DVD will teach you all the science behind clicker training you have ever wanted to know, in an easy to understand format. 

dv8 dtb893_c

#9 – What Is My Dog Saying At The Dog Park?

This “DVD” is actually a PowerPoint presentation on CD, but it’s too important to not include here. Dog parks can be a wonderful place, or the scene for a tragic incident. The information contained on this CD will help you keep the peace at the dog park by learning dog body language.

dv9 DTB1122DGPK_c

#10 –  Desensitization and Counterconditioning: Teaching Dogs to Willingly Accept Medical Procedures

Every dog on Earth would be so much happier at vet and grooming appointments if every dog owner watched this DVD and followed it’s advice. (The vets and groomers would be happier too!) It teaches you how to teach your dog to be calm and relaxed while being handled for necessary procedures and restraints. 

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