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Top 3 Health Concerns For Your Pomeranian

Pomeranians are a fairly hardy breed, but they do have some health issues that come with being a small breed. Since small dogs were bred down from larger ones, they are predisposed for issues their larger counterparts do not often have. Whether you own a Pomeranian or are thinking of getting one, it’s good to know the medical issues you may have to deal with. Some of them can be fairly costly, requiring surgery. Others are more about ongoing maintenance to avoid bigger issues. The following are the top three health concerns for your Pomeranian.

#1 – Tracheal Collapse

This is probably the most common health issue in Poms. They have a small and fragile windpipe that is easily damaged by constant pulling on the collar. They also can have a genetic defect (from over breeding) where the trachea is weak and will bend in the middle. Using a harness on your Pom is a good way to help prevent any trachea damage. Also, keeping your Pomeranian at a good weight helps – overweight Poms seem to be more likely to suffer a collapsed trachea.

#2 – Teeth and Gum Issues

Pomeranians have tiny mouths that cause overcrowding of teeth. Overcrowded teeth develop more plaque and tartar than teeth that are normally spaced, and this causes an over-representation of dental disease, such as gingivitis, in the breed. Keeping your Pom’s teeth clean along with regular dental check-ups is very important. Dental disease can lead to fatal infections in the heart and/or brain.

#3 – Hypothyroidism

Pomeranians are prone to obesity and that often comes with hypothyroidism. A simple blood test can determine whether your Maltese has it and if they do, your vet can put them on medication to help them live a normal life.

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Written by Kristina Lotz
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