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Top 5 Mistakes Husky Owners Make

Siberian Huskies make for interesting family members. Those that own them know there is nothing quite like their talkative, intelligent selves. But they can be a challenge, make no mistake about that! If you are struggling with your Husky, it may be because you’ve forgotten these helpful tips along the way – but it’s okay, it happens to the best of us. The following are 5 mistakes Husky owners make that can cause problems in your home.


#1 – Not Enough Exercise

This one shouldn’t have to be said, but sometimes we forget that Huskies were bred to run a hundred miles a day. They have energy to spare. If you are not giving them enough physical exercise, your Husky will use that pent-up energy to do naughty things, like destroy your couch. They are an intelligent breed and also require mental stimulation daily.

#2 – No Set Rules

Huskies, like all dogs, are habitual creatures. Meaning they do best with a consistent routine and rules. If you keep changing them – for instance he is allowed on the couch one month and not allowed on it the next – your Husky will end up confused. He may even shutdown and stop trying if he always gets things wrong.

#3 – Too Much Rough Play

Huskies are an exuberant breed! They love to play hard and it can be fun to play with our Huskies in a tough and tumble way, especially when they are young. But, this can make them the type of dog that tries to roughhouse with everyone, including small children and the elderly. This includes not knowing when the person wants to stop the game – whether it’s tug, fetch, or just getting attention. Make sure your Husky learns self-control as well as play so he can be well-mannered when needed.

#4 – Give Dogs Human Medications Without A Vet’s Approval

This can result in a hefty vet bill and even the loss of your Husky. In fact, over-the-counter human medications is #1 on the ASPCA’s top list of toxins and human prescription medications is #2, according to cases handled by their Animal Poison Control Center. While many of these are accidental poisonings, it’s important to remember human medication is dangerous to your Husky and you should not be giving it to her unless directed by a vet.

#5 – Forgetting About The Heat

Huskies are a northern breed with a coat made for below freezing temperatures. In Alaska, it can be 40 below when those dogs are out sledding. So imagine what it must feel like to have that type of coat on when it’s 75 degrees Fahrenheit and up? Don’t forget your Husky prefers things cooler and pay close attention to signs of heat exhaustion.

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Written by Kristina Lotz
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