“Guardian Angel” Helps Save Tiny Puppy Stuck In Drain

A traffic director in Motherwell, South Africa, helped to facilitate an impressive rescue that saved a tiny puppy’s life. After hearing of a furry friend stuck in a nearby drain, Eric Tiso knew he had to do something.

Eric Tiso is not only the deputy director of the NMBM Traffic Department, but he is also a diehard animal lover. His soft spot for furry friends led a friend of Tiso’s to reach out to him with a desperate plea, as they had stumbled upon helpless cries coming from a drain in their yard. Eric Tiso immediately contacted Suzette Ludeke of the Animal Anti-Cruelty League, and arrived on the scene ready to save a life!


After doing some quick investigating, the cries were found to be coming from a small puppy that was lodged just beneath the drain cover.  Water was up to the puppy’s neck, putting him at risk of drowning if he wasn’t removed quickly. This rescue mission required extreme precision, as any wrong move could send him even further into the drain.

drain rescue

With a plan in mind, Suzette attempted to wiggle the pup out of his current situation, gently pulling his head to loosen the grasp of the small chamber. After gently shimmying the frightened pup toward her repeatedly, she was able to free him and bring him to safety.

drain rescue

The puppy was soaked from head to toe and was shivering from his night spent in the cold drain. He was extremely weak and dehydrated from the ordeal, leading to an intensive stay in a nearby animal hospital. After lovingly naming the puppy ‘Mr. T’ after his dedicated rescuer Eric Tiso, everyone involved hoped for a miracle.

“He was soaking wet, dehydrated and his little body was extremely cold. He cannot eat or sit up at this point, but he is responding to the care and love he is receiving.” – Suzette Ludeke

After a few days of around-the-clock care at the animal hospital, Mr.T proved just how tough of a pup he was! The tiny fluff not only made it out on the other side of his terrifying ordeal, but he was absolutely thriving.

drain rescue

Mr. T captured multiple hearts throughout his recovery journey, as his beautiful personality began to shine through. The staff at AACLPE are now looking for a home that’s fitting to such a special pup, as Mr. T clearly deserves the world!

If you are interested in giving Mr. T the forever family he is searching for, feel free to contact his caregivers via WhatsApp at 078-544-7787. We can’t wait to see Mr. T in the arms of a loving family!

H/T: heraldlive.co.za
Image Source: DomesticAnimalCare/FB & AACLPE/FB

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