UPDATE: Customer’s Puppy Found After Uber Eats Driver Kidnapped Her

Update 3/9/2022 –

Melanie Polanco’s Cockapoo named Ella has returned home, but the investigation isn’t over yet. A bizarre series of events occurred before the pup was found, and the suspect is still on the loose.

A few days after the incident, Polanco received a call from the Uber Eats driver known as “Michael.” He said he didn’t mean to steal the dog, but his story kept changing. Once, he claimed he picked up the dog and gave her to a neighbor, even though security footage clearly shows him putting her in his car and driving away.

Cockapoo with family

Then, a few hours later, a man arrived at the apartment complex with Ella, but it wasn’t Michael. The man claimed that Michael paid him to return the dog, but he didn’t know anything else. Police took him into custody for further questioning.

“I was happy,” Polanco said. “I got my baby back. I’m happy, the family’s happy, we all got our family member back. You know, she’s our baby. She’s the youngest one, six months.”

Even though Ella is home, this case isn’t over yet. Polanco wants the man who stole Ella to face consequences. Uber Eats is currently working with law enforcement to locate “Michael.” Until that happens, Polanco will be cherishing her time with Ella as much as possible!

Stolen Cockapoo returns home
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Original Post –

An Uber Eats driver brought pizza to a New York customer, but he ended up leaving with something much more important. Instead of heading to his next delivery, the man stole the family’s puppy without them realizing it.

Despite the owner’s attempts to hold the man responsible, the dog is still missing. Uber hasn’t been quick to help with the situation, and authorities haven’t discovered any new information yet. So, the family is left to worry about where their precious puppy is and if she’s safe. They’re also hesitant to order from Uber Eats ever again.

Cockapoo puppy stolen

Pizza Swapped with Puppy

Melanie Polanco ordered pizza through Uber Eats to be delivered to her Brooklyn apartment. When the doorbell rang, her two small dogs raced to the door to greet the guest. The Uber Eats driver handed the pizza to Polanco, but as he did that, the 6-month-old Cockapoo named Ella squeezed out the door and ran away.

For a while, Polanco had no idea where Ella went. The pup didn’t seem to be in the apartment building anymore. However, when she looked at the surveillance footage the next day, she realized the disturbing truth.

Dogs laying on bed

The apartment’s cameras caught the delivery man, known as Michael, stealing Ella. As he got into the elevator, he saw her in the hallway, so he picked her up and took her with him. He carried her out to his car even though he had seen her escape Polanco’s apartment earlier, so he knew who she belonged to.

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“You see him carrying Ella in her orange dress, putting her into a black SUV, the passenger side, and then he goes around to the driver’s side and drives off,” Polanco said.

Uber Eats Delivery Man

An Ongoing Investigation

Polanco contacted police and Uber Eats about the situation, but nothing has been resolved yet. It took her a long time to get a response from Uber because they claim they can’t prioritize one situation over another. They later messaged her, saying the problem was resolved, even though her dog is still missing and the man hasn’t been located.

“We don’t sleep. I haven’t eaten, I took off from work, I stopped my life. I’m like, I’m not leaving Brooklyn, I’m not leaving this apartment until I get my baby Ella back,” Polanco said. “After this, I don’t want to deal with Uber. I’m traumatized. I’ll cook my own food, no problem.”

Cockapoo in orange dress

Uber Eats has now removed the driver from the system while authorities investigate the situation. Polanco worries that no one is in a hurry to save Ella. The tiny mixed breed was wearing an orange dress when she was stolen, and Polanco believes she looked visibly scared in the surveillance video. Anyone in the Brooklyn area should keep an eye out for this beloved canine.

Watch What Happened Here:

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