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Unlikely Friends Max And Quackers Bring Joy To A Small Town

There are only 25 people who live in the small town of Strout, Minnesota, and they all know Max and Quackers. Adopted by Patrick and Kirsten Riley when he was five years old, Max is a laid-back Husky. He became friends with the Riley’s other Husky, Sasha, but was left alone when Sasha passed away. The Rileys say Max was obviously affected by his friend’s death, but a new addition to the family changed his life for the better.

A duckling named Quackers was also in need of a friend when he found himself within the Riley family’s embrace. He was tiny and alone, but big dog Max took an instant liking to him. Max sat by the duckling’s pen for hours, and that’s where their bond first formed.

As Quackers grew big enough to leave the nursery, he and Max were already best friends. Now the two unexpected buddies do everything together. The Riley family says the dog and duck eat their meals together and share the same water dish. They sleep in the same place curled up and always touching, but most of the time, they’re hanging out in their favorite spot along Highway 28.

Every day, the pair takes a short walk out to the roadside, and they sit together looking like they’d belong better in a cartoon rather than real life. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or if it’s cold, the few people who regularly drive that route always keep an eye out for Max and Quackers.

At 12 years old, Max is no longer the energetic pup he used to be. He’s slower to rise, but that doesn’t stop him from accompanying his friend wherever he goes.

Patrick Riley told his local news crew that drivers are always stopping traffic on the country road to take pictures of his pets. They say the unlikely bond between dog and duck shares a positive message that friendship is strong enough to overcome even the most obvious differences—even feathers versus fur.

Featured Image Source: Screenshot via CBS Minnesota

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Written by Amber King
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