UPDATE: Stolen Bulldog Named Off White Has Been Found & Reunited With Family

Update 7/14/22

Off White the Bulldog has been found and reunited with his worried family. He was missing for just over 2 weeks, and his family was pleading to the public for help in bringing him home safely the entire time.

According to locals, Off White was sold to two women, who then saw pictures of the dog they had just purchased online. When they realized that Off White had been stolen, they contacted a relative of Off White’s rightful owner and returned him. Some have questioned the validity of the story, but the important thing is that Off White is back with Carlos and receiving veterinary care. Reports say that he has unfortunately lost quite a bit of weight from the ordeal, and will need to be nursed back to health in the weeks that follow.

“To see that someone would be so brash to take advantage of that in broad daylight and just do something so horrible is honestly very, very concerning” – Carlos’s nephew

We’re not sure if the person that stole Off White has been located or charged, but we hope they will soon have to own up to their crimes. We can’t even imagine what Off White went through in his time away, but we’re sure that the love of his dedicated family will help him recover from this traumatic experience.

We send our thanks to everyone that helped to get Off White home where he belongs!

Original Post

A NYC resident is pleading for help after his beloved Bulldog, Off White was stolen during their mid-day walk. The 75-year-old dog parent was approached by a man who first began petting the dog, only to have him snatch the terrified pup and drive away on his scooter.

Carlos and Off White were strolling along their regular walking route when approached by an unknown man. He first appeared interested in petting the 1-year-old Bulldog named Off White, so Carlos allowed him to lean over and say hello to his beloved pup.

stolen dog nyc photo

What initially seemed like a sweet moment quickly turned into something terrifying as the unknown man grabbed Off White by the back and pulled him into his lap. He began to rev up his engine in an attempt to get away, but Carlos wasn’t going to let that happen without a fight.

Once Carlos realized what was happening, he jumped in front of the scooter and tried to block the thief’s path. After struggling for a few seconds, the man was able to push past Carlos and make his way down the street. Unfortunately, the thief still had Off White in his arms as he sped away.

“When he took off on his bike, I tried to push him. He rushed away, but I thought he was going to hit a pole. Because I wanted to take him out.” – Carlos Gil

Carlos immediately reported the incident to the local police department, sharing the details of the horrifying interaction on 95th Avenue and 88th Street in Ozone Park. The police department gathered any surveillance footage in the area that could assist in identifying the man, and thankfully, the man’s face was caught on camera.

stolen dog nyc photo

Police have shared the photos and videos of the interaction in hopes of someone having helpful information. They ask anyone in the area to watch the footage in case they may know something and to reach out to local authorities if they have any information that could lead to finding Off White. The pet parents have now raised an $800 reward for anyone with information.

stolen dog nyc photo

“I understand at this point you might be afraid of getting in trouble or getting someone in trouble, but the dog can be dropped off at a park where there’s people around. He can be dropped off at a police station, nobody has to see anything.” – Carlos Gil

We can’t imagine how Off White’s family is feeling, and we desperately hope he will be found safe and sound!

H/T: nbcnewyork.com
Image Source: Facebook

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