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UPS Driver’s Selfie With Dogs Goes Viral


I guess we can forget about the old stigma of postman vs. dog.

Doniel Kidd is a UPS driver in Athens, Louisiana who really, really loves dogs. So much, in fact, that he’s become pretty well acquainted with the ones who live on his route. One resident, Staci Burns tells NBC 10 that her red Australian Shepherd (seen going in for kisses in the video below) had a habit of running off when she was younger. She says that once, Doniel saw her out exploring a street and he stopped to pick her up and give her a ride home! “We weren’t even home, but he knew where she belonged.”

Staci happened to peek through her blinds the other day and saw Doniel taking a break and catching up with some of his pals. He was seen getting kisses and taking selfies – what a way to spend your break! Her video was uploaded to Facebook just last Thursday and has already gotten over a million views from dog lovers cheering Doniel on.

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Posted by Staci Speer Burns on Thursday, June 8, 2017

If this is what my UPS man does on his break, too, I’m going to be a lot more understanding if my packages don’t arrive on time!


Written by Adriana Sandoval
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