VA Hospital Welcomes Disabled PTSD Therapy Dog

Honor is a 2-year-old Golden Retriever raised from puppyhood to serve individuals with PTSD.

Unlike other dogs trained by the non-profit organization, Therapetics Service Dogs of Oklahoma, Honor was born without metacarpals where her back right paw would be.

Unable to place her as a regular service dog, Therapetics donated Honor to the Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center. There, her prosthetic limb makes her all the more relatable to the heroes she comforts.

“So devoted. She doesn’t know she’s handicapped. She’s the prettiest three-legged dog I ever saw,” patient Jim Baker told KTUL-TV.

The pooch has been visiting sick and wounded veterans like Mr. Baker since January, alongside her adoptive mom and handler, Terri Woodworth who works at the facility.

Honor’s minor physical limitations do not prevent her from keeping a full schedule of visiting the clinic’s Chemotherapy, Inpatient Mental Health, and Hospice/Palliative Care units. In addition to these regular stops, the therapy dog also takes special requests and makes unscheduled visits to patients in need of a snuggle.

“She has a special ability to sense when people need her,” Woodworth said. “She picks up on people’s emotions really well. I really think Honor is going to lift the spirits of our Veterans, especially those who have been hospitalized for a long time.”

Honor’s impact on the patients is quite evident, with many looking forward to her arrival for days. After her visit with Mr. Baker, the veteran remarked, in an emotion-choked voice:

“This dog has put so much joy in my life today.”

Judging by her ever-wagging tail, Honor feels the same way, too!



Featured Image via Facebook/Therapetics Service Dogs of Oklahoma

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