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What Real Customers Are Saying About Omega-3 Select from Project Paws™

After releasing our Omega-3 Select Soft Chews in December, we started getting feedback from customers like this:

★★★★★ “They have truly made a difference with my dog’s itchiness. Amazing and a huge relief. We had spent a lot of time and effort trying to help her.” – Karen

★★★★ “I am very pleased with the Omega-3 chews, Our dog loves them…We have tried numerous shampoos and she still scratches and chews at herself. Now that she has been taking them, the problem is not as bad. Hopefully the longer she is on them the better things will get.” – Beulah L.

★★★★★ “They are soft and easy for my dog to chew. They look like treats to him so he loves eating them and they are even easy to chop up and put in his food. Best Omega 3 product I have ever purchased.” – Alexis P.

★★★★★ “My fur babies really like them and they are getting luster to their coats and has stopped the winter scratching from dry skin will never be without. Thanks for your product and thanks for helping support shelter animals.” – Betty E.

★★★★★ “Amazing product – old dogs coats were shiny and full within 2 weeks of using. definitely top rate. they love it!” – mels89


What Sets Project Paws ™ Apart

Baked into every Project Paws™ product is a promise. Your purchase will fund 14 healthy meals for shelter or rescue dogs waiting for their forever home.

It’s part of the way we carry out our core belief that every dog matters. That every single dog has value and worth.

Through our partners at RescueBank™, we’re proud to report that so far Project Paws ™ products have funded over 300,000 meals for animal shelters. The success stories are pouring in from shelters & rescue groups, and we couldn’t be more thankful for your support!!!

Order Your First Bottle Today & Fund 14 Healthy Meals for Shelter Dogs

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