What Your Favorite Dog Breed Says About You

While most dog lovers love all dogs, we’d be lying if we said that we didn’t secretly (or in some cases, not so secretly) have a favorite. It’s not that we are selective, but it’s just that certain dog breeds pull at our heartstrings a little bit more than others. With our favorite breed often comes stereotypes and certain characteristics that many owners hold true. To have a little fun, we’ve come up with a list of some popular dog breeds–so now you can see what your favorite dog breed says about you!



Golden Retriever

For Golden lovers, you are as friendly as can be. Typically you mesh well with all types of people, and you are always happy to meet someone new–because you have no doubt that you will get along as you’re openminded! You would do anything for your family or friends because that’s just the sort of kindhearted person you are.




You are highly intelligent and protective of those you love. Sometimes people are quick to judge you, but really it’s because they just don’t understand you the way others do. To some people, you can come off as a bit intimidating–but if they were to get to know you, they would see that you’re a total sweetheart deep down.




You love meeting new people, and you are well-received by others. Sometimes people might think you have an air about you, and you exude confidence–especially in the way that you walk. But don’t let that refined nature be deceiving, you know exactly how to let your hair down and have a good time.



Great Dane

Just like a Great Dane, you are gentle and kind. No matter who you meet, you treat all with compassion, and sometimes you can be a bit of a pushover. People recognize you as the strong and silent type




You are sprightly and full of energy, and there’s never a dull moment with you! People are naturally drawn to you for your playful nature and kindred spirit. Even though you like to play, you’re big on cuddling and love your beauty sleep, too.



Boston Terrier

You may have a tough exterior, but you are actually very sensitive. You make friends easily and you’re a great listener–and people naturally feel like they can confide in you because you always greet them with a smile.




People know you as being the happy-go-lucky type. You enjoy learning new things and don’t get bored easily–because you can always find something to keep yourself busy. But because you can be overly curious at times, you can get yourself into trouble with your mischievousness.




Regardless if you are male or female, you have a big personality that can take up a whole room. You can be a bit bossy, but you don’t mean to be! You also have no problems sticking up for yourself or taking charge. If someone hurts your feelings, you can get pretty defensive about it–and snap! So others definitely don’t want to get on your bad side.



Labrador Retriever

It’s easy for people to let their guard down around you because you have an inviting personality. You don’t take life too seriously and enjoy taking each day at a time. People know that you’re calm, cool, and collected, and you don’t let the little things bring you down.




You’re quirky and there is no one else in this world quite like you! You love being an original and wouldn’t be one to fall in line with others. You are very sociable… and you don’t mind one bit being the center of attention.



Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Being alone for extended periods of time is not for you, because you can become lonely easily. You wouldn’t say that you are shy, but you are naturally reserved around those that you do not know. For those that you do, you are very loving–even when you are a bit neurotic at times.



Pit Bull

You don’t judge others because you know exactly how it feels to be unfairly judged. Gentle when you need to be, and tough when you have to be, you are great at assessing situations. For those who judge you, they should know, you don’t have a mean bone in your entire body–because you’re a lover, not a fighter.




You are a natural-born leader, strong, and have no problems showing others the way. Strong-willed and undoubtedly determined, you have no problems getting what you want in life–because you can do it all by yourself! Being active is very much your thing because you’re not one to be known as a couch potato.



Mixed Breed

There are no frills about you, and you enjoy living life to the fullest. Spontaneity is your thing, and you don’t like to plan things too far in advance… because you may change your mind when it comes down to it. You have an undeniable pizzaz about you that draws people to you, and you have the ability to make friends with all types of people easily.




For those who love Corgis, you are fun-loving, aren’t one to miss a meal, and at times you can be a bit stubborn–but hey, only when you know you’re right about something. People enjoy being around you–because you’re the life of the party!



German Shepherd Dog

Smart and very athletic, you aren’t afraid of hard work. People rely on you because you are trustworthy and strong–and very dependable on many levels! Sitting around is not for you, because you are a busy bee that needs a sense of purpose.




You are charismatic and have a very laid-back personality. You’re not a materialistic person whatsoever, and you enjoy just hanging out with family and friends. You’ve got a great sense of humor and can mesh with just about anybody–but don’t let the niceness fool anyone, you definitely have an occasional grouchy side.




You enjoy being on the go and crave discovering new things. Life is all about the adventure to you, and you’re always getting out there and chasing your dreams. For you, the world is your oyster.




You can find humor in all of life’s situations. You are playful and a total jokester with your friends; sometimes have trouble keeping a serious face. Everyone knows you as a happy person and you don’t have a fake bone in your body–what you see is what you get.




Not one to be shy, if you have a problem with something you will not hide your feelings about it. You have a bold personality and a zest for life; you don’t concern yourself with the opinions of others.




You have a lot of sass, and won’t put up with someone trying to tell you what to do. In other words, you can’t be tamed! You are devotedly loyal to those you care about, and prefer companionship over solitude. You are open-minded, but you aren’t crazy about change.




You are strong and resilient, but sadly many assume that you are as tough on the inside as you are on the outside. If people take a chance and get to know you, they will quickly learn that you have a gentle spirit and a heart of gold.


Border Collie

Lovable with endless energy, you are not one to sit around on the couch watching TV for hours on end. You prefer to keep yourself busy or entertained, and you aren’t afraid to work for something that you want in life. People like you for many reasons, and you pride yourself on your smarts.

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