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When This Elephant Ran At This Dog I Didn’t Know What Was Going To Happen

| Published on August 28, 2015

Isn’t it amazing how two very different animals become friends? It makes us wonder how they communicate with each other, how they are able to form such a bond. We humans need words to understand each other, but animals–no words needed. Action says it all.

Take for example this friendship between a baby elephant and a dog. This lonely baby elephant named Yindee was torn apart from his mother after some people kidnapped him. This happened in Thailand. Fortunately, there were some kind people who rescued poor Yindee, and he’s now at the sanctuary called the Elephant Nature Park.

Yindee felt lonely and traumatized when he was separated from his mother. But when he met a playful dog, they instantly became friends, and started playing with each other! Watch the video below!

After Yindee made a new friend, his attitude change. He wasn’t lonely anymore–thanks to that friendly and playful dog who cheered him up!

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