With Your Help, These Shelter Dogs Had The Best 4th Of July EVER!

What do you get when you add two bone-shaped pools, stacks of hamburgers and hotdogs, and a whole bunch of patriotic toys and treats? A shelter full of very happy dogs!

Thanks to our iHeartDogs Heroes, we were able to give the pups at Reversed Rescue a pawsitively pawsome Independence Day celebration!

The BBQ bash was held in honor of the 4th of July holiday, but we also had another reason to celebrate. Because of all your purchases during the month of June, iHeartDogs was able to fund 500,000 meals for shelter pups! 

What an amazing milestone! And we couldn’t have done it without our incredible customers!

The Party Animals

Mama dog, LahZanya had a blast splashing in the pool and chasing the stars-and-stripes tennis balls. Her favorite part was snuggling with iHeartDogs’ very own Justine, who is also a Reversed Rescue volunteer.

For little miss Penelope it was all about the snacks. This very special French Bulldog was surrendered to the shelter when she became paralyzed in her back legs. While she loved meeting all the party guests and wading in the pool, it was the hot dogs and watermelon slices that really won her heart!

Poppy, given up by her family for having too much energy, enjoyed every aspect of the party, but sharing a hamburger with Justine was definitely a highlight!

Hunky-chunky Migo indulged in a frosty fruit and doggy ice cream snack. (But don’t tell anyone – he’s on a diet!)

Watch these pups and all their adoptable friends party hearty!

All the dogs in the video are up for adoption and looking for loving forever homes. If you are not ready to adopt, you can contribute directly to their care with a donation to Reversed Rescue.

Remember, we couldn’t do any of this without you. You are truly heroes to these pups and so many others across the country. You can continue to support shelter dogs just by shopping your favorite products at iHeartDogs.com!

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