You Helped Cure This Senior Dog’s Mange As A Puppy

When you purchase items from the iHeartDogs store, a portion of the proceeds are donated to GreaterGood. GreaterGood is an incredible organization that goes above and beyond to help dogs in need. Many dogs have been given a second chance at life due to these generous donations. One of those dogs is Lucy. 

Lucy had a rough life at only three months old. Toledo’s PET Bull Project found her living on the street, covered in mange. She was very sick, so the organization did everything they could to help her heal. Unfortunately, she had a reaction to Ivermectin, which was used to treat her parasites. This put her in a coma, but she eventually recovered.

Puppy with mange

This puppy’s road to recovery was not easy, but the organization refused to give up on her. GreaterGood’s Rescue Bank helped fund Lucy’s medical needs. In no time, she was feeling good as new.

When Lucy was feeling up for it, she was put up for adoption. Her charming personality got her adopted quickly, and she was finally given the life she deserved. However, after four years with her family, she was returned for no fault of her own. Her parent had gotten into a new relationship where the girlfriend didn’t like her. Poor Lucy was heartbroken.

Lucy Puppy

Lucy Looks for a Home

For a while, Lucy was terrified and confused about being returned. She just wanted to be with a loving family again. Luckily, the kind staff at Toledo’s PET Bull Project offered love and support as Lucy adjusted to her new life. She was up for adoption for a while after that, and she slowly reached her senior years. The staff couldn’t believe that no one wanted to adopt the sweet pup.

“Dogs in our program like Lucy require a lot of medical expenses and time,” said Toledo’s PET Bull Project. “She will be in our program for a while as she heals and learns to trust again.”

Lucy Napping

Lucy thrived in foster care, and luckily, she’s no longer listed on the organization’s adoptable dogs page. So, it might’ve taken her longer than most dogs, but she seems to have finally found the forever home she deserves. It wouldn’t have been possible without GreaterGood’s support.

Thanks to purchases from the iHeartDogs store, dogs like Lucy can get the safe space they need to heal. So, thank you to all the kind heroes out there who have bought products to save dogs in need.

Happy Lucy

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Images from Toledo’s PET Bull Project

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