You Won’t Believe How Long This Dog Was Missing Before He Was Reunited With His Humans

This story truly took our breath away. It’s about a truly heartwarming reunion. After years apart a dog has finally reunited with his humans thanks to the help of some Good Samaritans and a microchip. Set your disbelief aside and get ready to hear about a pup that finally, finally, finally made his way home.


Almost Too Good To Be True

Take a journey with us to Lafayette, Louisiana. In early July, a man named Tyler discovered a homeless dog. He brought the pooch to the local rescue, Friends of Lafayette Animal Shelter.

After finding him in good medical condition, employees scanned the dog for a microchip. Luckily, the pup had one.

With the help of Carson Veterinary Clinic, the shelter employees were able to find the dog’s family.

This is where the magic happens.


An Unexpected Reunion

For ten long years a family had been missed their dog. After a decade of wondering what happened to their pup, they got a phone call from the Friends of Lafayette Animal Shelter. Unbelievably, someone had found their dog!

The family rushed to the shelter to find their pup waiting for them. The dog’s name is Moose. Despite the years apart, Moose immediately knew his family. He raced to them when they arrived to pick him up.

Incredible! We cannot believe this family was finally reunited. If this isn’t fate, we don’t know what is.



Facebook followers gushed over the post. It was shared more than 4,200 times. One person commented, “WOW! 10 years! Bet that was a tearful reunion!”

Another said, “Wow! Ten years! Wouldn’t it be cool if they could somehow find out how he came to be missing [and] where he’d been?” We would love to discover what happened on Moose’s journey, too. Clearly, this dog had fantastic survival skills.

Here is the remarkable tale from Friends of Lafayette Animal Shelter:

HAPPY STORY! This young man found this handsome hound last night. He brought him to the vet and had him scanned for a microchip. There was a chip! The vet’s office contacted the owner who rushed right over! Moose had been missing for 10 years! Wow!!!! Moose recognized them instantly! Thank you to Tyler who found him and took the initiative to have him scanned and to Carson Veterinary Clinic LLC for tracking the chip!

What have we learned from this story? Microchip your dog! If your sweet pooch goes missing, this could be the key to bringing them home. we just love a happy ending. Even if it takes 10 years!

H/t Friends of Lafayette Animal Shelter Facebook
Featured image c/o Friends of Lafayette Animal Shelter Facebook

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