10 Dog Breeds With Beards

While men everywhere are growing out their breeds for “No Shave November,” these dog breeds upstage them with fashionable beards 365 days of the year.

#1 – Affenpinchser

This adorable breed looks like an Ewok on four legs, with a personality to match. While their beards might not be as full as some other breeds, they certainly compliment their face well.

Image source: Licensed under GNU General Public License via Wikimedia Commons
Lennart Larsen

#2 – Airedale Terrier

This beautiful terrier has a nice clean face, with a big old goatee that make him look like a professor from the 18th century. All he needs is a monocle, don’t you agree?

#3 – Bearded Collie

With a name like this, the beardie had to be included in this list. He has a nice, long flowing beard that blends in with the rest of his coat. He’s kind of the doggy version of Cousin It.

#4 – Bergamasco

Luigi Guidobono Cavalchini

This naturally corded dog breed has a nice, trim beard that offsets the rest of his appearance nicely. It does tend to get a bit dirty, since the breed standard is to only bathe them a few times a year.

#5 – The Schnauzers

All three – miniature, standard, and giant – sport wonderfully bushy beards that any man would be proud of. Though they could use some eyebrow work.

#6 – Berger Picard

This French herding dog has a scruffy beard. While a man may find it a bit embarrassing, it suits this scruffy dog just fine.

#7 – Scottish Terrier

The Scottie may have the best beard of the bunch – long and full with eyebrows that blend into it – it’s what makes him distinguishable from other breeds.

#8 – German Wirehair Pointer

It seems that if you are dog, and have wirehair, then you have a beard. The two just seem to go together and the German Wirehair has a short, scruffy beard that complements his medium-length, wiry coat.

#9 – Brussels Griffon

Ger Dekker

This tenacious terrier had to have a beard. Why? Because otherwise would be the devious smile on his face that come from plotting things like how to get the steak off the table.

#10 – Wirehaired Pointing Griffon


Like the German Wirehair Pointer, the Pointing Griffon has a small scruffy beard that matches his wiry coat. In the fact, the two breeds look very similar.

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