10 Dog Breeds Who Are Absolute “Drama Queens”

Which dogs breeds have the most tendency to be drama queens (or kings?) We put this question to our fans recently on Facebook, and you responded with no shortage of answers! The below list is a result of our own research and your votes, along with a few stories from our community users! Would you add any to our list? Tell us in the comments on Facebook.

#10 – Pomeranians

Community user FabiolaJM loves her “diva” Pomeranian Peluche – but Peluche does not like sharing her attention! She says, “Peluche always feels he should be the one getting the most attention.”


#9 – Boxers

Have you seen the reaction this boxer has to being called a baby? If that’s not drama queen behavior, I don’t know what is!


#8 – Yorkies

Community user kjmdavis12 has a little Yorkie with a big personality! “She doesn’t believe in walking on grass so she’ll usually try to find the nearest rock and stand on it, until we pick her up. She’s the best dog around and she shows us each and every day.”

#7 – Shih Tzus

Shih-Tzu lover Jtowner tells us about Baby Bear, “He loves to play, wrestles chases his siblings and most of all he demanding.” That’s a lot of spirit in such a little body!


#6 – Poodles

Nothing stops cbovee’s poodle from spending time with him: “He used the deck and a couple bricks to climb to the top of the fence and jump down to the driveway. Didn’t want to run away, just wanted to be with me.”


#5 – Bassett Hounds

Rachelrich16 has a handsome Bassett Hound named Elvis! “Elvis is 10 years old and loves 3 things: food, love, and sleep in that order.” Sounds like my kind of guy!


#4 – Pugs

Vwrobel has a pretty pug named Olive Oyl. She says, “She is spoiled rotten and knows that she’s our pretty girl… She’s smart and she knows how to use it to her advantage. We couldn’t imagine our lives without this little one.”


#3 – Beagles

Themcglynnz has a Beagle just goes nuts when they get home! “I pull up and immediately hear that beagle squeal….their vocals are like no others. Then he runs to get a toy out of his bin and greets me mouth stuffed and tail wagging. Work sucks but coming home to a beagle makes it all better”


#2 – Dachshunds

Sarah’s dachshund Cinnamon is quite the beggar! “Cinnamon loves to show how committed he is to his begging. Whether treats or tummy rubs he stands up to be counted.”


#1 – Chihuahuas

One of our users, who asked not to be named, has a Chihuahua living in high style! Lily speaks for herself, “My name is Lily and I love pearls, Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, and anything pink.”


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