10 Fun Mind Games for Your Dog

Looking for a way to keep your dog occupied? Want your dog’s brain to get some exercise but you are too busy or tired for a training session tonight? These 10 mind games are perfect to stretch your dog’s brain power while giving you a break.

#1 – Foobler Puzzle Timed Dog Ball

Foobler is an automatic self-reloading puzzle feeder for dogs with 6 timer activated food pods.  Its like having 6 puzzle toys in one that deliver a full day’s worth of regular kibble or treats for them to enjoy.  Fill Foobler with up to 2 cups of kibble or treats and set it to release at 15, 30 ,60 or 90 minute intervals for up to 9 hours a day.

Image source: CYNJO.com
Image source: CYNJO.com

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