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Scott H

Scott Haiduc has dedicated his life to helping others. As a firefighter/paramedic for the 2nd largest fire department in the United States, he focused on saving life, property and the environment – and, yes, there were even a few cats in trees that he rescued. While doing so, he began freelance writing for iHeartDogs. After a career-ending injury, Scott found himself a forever home at iHeartDogs as the Publishing Editor. Today, he is the Director of Publishing, managing a team of writers, editors, SEO analysts and researchers. If you listen carefully on the next full moon, you might just hear him howling and exclaiming, “My career has gone to the dogs…and I’m loving every minute of it.”

Scott currently has two wonderful dogs, Scout and Sandy. Because of where he lives and his kid’s love of animals, his homestead has included residents, such as a wounded deer, baby American robins, rubber boas and a family of wild turkeys that have decided to call his house their home.

Expertise: Dogs, cats, wilderness survival, emergency medicine

University of San Diego
Business Communication, BS

Location: Deep in the forest of the PNW

Title: Director of Publishing, Writer

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